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Jane's Journey to Losing 47 Bags of Flour & Finding Success in Weight Loss, Strength, Fitness & Improved Mental Health- after trying every diet under the sun!

My weight has always been my ‘Achilles Heel’ I believed I had to starve myself to lose weight & I’ve tried every diet under the sun!


Suffering from chronic stress, high blood pressure & sore knees had affected my weight & my mental health.  I asked Tracy to help me & thankfully she said YES.


Today I’m 47 bags of flour lighter! Weighing 1 pound each

Lost over 3 ½ stone, more confidence, better mental health & fitter & stronger than I’ve ever been.

Euphoric!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart





I believe meeting Tracy was Fate. I tried to introduce my daughter to classes, she wasn’t ready to continue but I was hooked first time ..


Previous to this I had been told I had high blood pressure & had been suffering from Chronic stress for a number of years which had had an effect on my weight & mental health


Initially I started doing step aerobics with Tracy twice a week which I absolutely love to bits. I found this to be very beneficial to my mental health & started to feel physically fitter slowly but surely. Then Tracy introduced me to strength training which has made me stronger in more ways than one.


After going to classes for a while I noticed certain ladies losing weight & read about their success stories with Tracy. This played on my mind for a while & after a holiday last June I plucked up courage to ask Tracy if she would be prepared to help me also. Thankfully for me she said YES 

My weight has always been my ‘Achilles heel’ & had always believed I had to starve myself to lose weight. I have tried every so-called diet under the sun!

I had to face one of my biggest fears & stand on the scales.  There was no hiding from the numbers but also felt liberated as I knew Tracy was going to help me achieve …


She worked out a nutritionally balanced healthy eating plan for me to follow & suggested recipes to get me started. I embraced this fully as clearly anything I was doing wasn’t working. Tracy also helped me navigate menus when eating out & on holiday.



I continued to do classes & would meet up with Tracy once a month. I was astonished to see the numbers going down which made me more determined. I am a very Visual learner & after my first 1:1 I came home & measured out bags of flour each weighing a pound in weight & placed them on the kitchen table for me to see. Each month the pile got bigger & bigger.

Needless to say, I’ve got 47 bags of flour on the table at the moment which is a very real visualisation of my achievement so far….


I am more confident at home preparing meals & cooking from, drinking plenty of water & Not a DIET COKE in sight.

My confidence & energy levels have increased &I feel fitter than I did at least 10 years ago. My mental Health has also improved as well as my blood pressure. Shopping for clothes is now a great pleasure & not a chore which makes me very happy. 


Tracy I am so very grateful to have found you & for your help. I absolutely love coming to your classes. You have certainly put a spring back in my step!! 

Your Energy &commitment to what you do is to be seriously admired & is better than any medicine.

I love the music & all the lovely welcoming people who come to class too, we are all very lucky to have you.

I’m Euphoric- Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Jane x


A little word from me:

Despite a very challenging 8 months, Jane has overcome setbacks, changed her old habits & created new ones that are now underpinning her success & new lifestyle.

Always curious & eager to learn, interested in how it was working Jane navigated one day at a time with me.

Jane, you have been an absolute joy to work with. You’ve worked hard & opened yourself up to real change, faced your fears & conquered them.

Your energy & zest for life is palpable.

I’m so happy for you, that you are now living your life looking, feeling & being the way, you want to… satisfied & content

I feel privileged that you invited me to go on this intimate journey with you.

What an incredible achievement.

Love Tracy x



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