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          The benefits of Pilates with Tracy Dixon

I have been teaching Pilates & Yoga for 20 years, during that time I have amassed over 5,000 client facing sessions & taught over 20,000 individuals. I have a huge wealth of experience to draw upon & I have continued to learn since my original qualification back in 1999 at the Pilates Institute London, increasing my knowledge & expertise as human science, psychology & understanding has moved on. My passion is to experience how I can use all the techniques I have learnt to help you get what you want. To improve the issues you would like to change, in a way that is not a temporary fix but a life-long solution.


Are you suffering from one of the top three most common issues I see regularly?

Work or lifestyle related issues:

  • Tension in shoulders, neck & back from work positions, use of equipment, prolonged periods of time doing the same thing.

  • Muscular Imbalances causing niggles, aches & pains.

  • Lower back & possible upper back problems from sitting, driving & lifting.

  • Weak muscles that are not doing the job they are supposed to.

Activity or sport related issues:

  • Excessive use of one muscle group causing weaknesses & over developments.

  • Stiff & tight muscles that have adapted over the years & little injuries keep you from doing what you want to do in general.

  • Weak core & back muscles & tight hips causing a whole host of physical restrictions leading to time off from doing what you love!

Pre & post baby related issues:

  • Back, hip and pelvic problems caused by the huge strain on the body from carrying baby.

  • Weak core and abdominal muscles post baby.

  • Excess weight gain due to pregnancy & the difficulty in losing it because of the demands of having a new baby or toddler.

  • Carrying & lifting baby causing extra strain.

Pilates Class Schedule 2021


Pilates & Stretches- For absolute Beginners

Mondays- 9.15-1O.15am

@ The First Place, Kirkland, Kendal LA9 5AF

This class is designed for new starters, over 60’s, rehabilitation, pre & post-natal, sports injury recovery, solving back, neck, hip & shoulder problems.

Fitness Pilates & Stretches-Suitable for all levels 

Mondays- 8.15-9.15pm

@ Online Class- to join message your gmail address

Tone & flatten your abdominals & strengthen your core muscles.

Suitable for men & women who are active & beginners to Pilates.

Pilates & Stretches- For Beginners  

Tuesdays- 9.15-10.15am

@ The First Place, Kirkland, Kendal LA9 5AF

This class covers all the basics to gain muscle balance, increase suppleness & develop core strength leaving you feeling revitalised.

Foundation Pilates- For Beginners & Improvers

Wednesdays- 1O.2O-11.2Opm

@ The First Place, Kirkland, Kendal LA9 5AF

Ideal for, over 50’s, beginners, sports rehabilitation, special conditions & post-natal. New starters welcome to this class to master technique.

Fitness Pilates for Tone & Core Strength

Thursdays- 6.3O-7.3Opm

@ The First Place, Kirkland, Kendal LA9 5AF

Increased flexibility & suppleness, get a stronger back, core & pelvic floor muscles, flatter & more toned abdominals. Good for men & women.

FIT BALL-Core Strength & Body Toning

Saturdays- 9.15-10.15am

@ The First Place, Kirkland, Kendal LA9 5AF

I have a selection of Fit Balls for your to use. A full body toning class designed to challenge your core strength and stability, gaining better body results in an effective way using the ball.

All classes are held at The First Place, Kirkland, Kendal LA9 5AF

A brand new facility dedicated to group exercise & fitness for mind & body...

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