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Group Exercise & Fitness Classes
At The First Place Fitness, Kendal

Pay as you go group exercise & fitness classes, Kendal
 Strength Training (weights only classes), Spinning Classes, Seated Exercise Class, Step Class,
Spinning & Abs!, Yoga for runners, Pilates for beginners, Zumba dance...

CLOSED Tuesday 28th- Thursday 30th May

Class Timetable

Spring 2024 Pay as you go group exercise & fitness classes, Kendal Strength Training (weights only classes), Boxing Fitness Training, Online Yoga, Pilates for beginners & improvers with balls, resistance bands & weights, Spinning & Abs!, Heated Yoga for deep stretches & relaxation set in 18-22* temperature for beginners...
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Tracy Dixon Mind and Body Fit Strength Training Classes Lift weights get lean, toned and s

Tracy Dixon Mind & Body Fit Class Descriptions 2024



Combining strength & cardiovascular exercises in a structed way using the timer. You set your own pace in this class. Working with low repetitions & heavier weight to build strength & power interspersed with exercises that increase your heart rate & improve your aerobic fitness. End your week on a high & start your weekend full of energy. This class is ideal for beginners through to more advanced as all exercises & weights are selected at your level of capability. You will see noticeable differences in your strength, fitness, mood & body shape changes within 4-6 weeks attending this friendly class regularly.


Boxing Fitness Training

Using pads & gloves. All equipment is provided; if you do have your own boxing kit you can bring it along. This class is fun, fast & high energy. It is based around boxing combinations & fitness drills to improve your aerobic fitness, reaction times, coordination, agility, balance, core strength & stability, upper body strength & tone. It’s a positive way to reduce stress levels, get fit, meet like minded people, have fun & leave feeling incredibly empowered, uplifted & more confident.


Broadway Blitz Dance Fitness

A brand new glitzy aerobic workout inspired by the best musical theatre songs from stage & screen. Created by myself based on the joy of combining great music, singing & dancing & feeling how that can lift your mind, body & spirit. Love the razzmatazz of musicals? Sing along to all your favourite show tunes, get fit, have fun & enjoy the atmosphere of 'Broadway Blitz'. This class suitable for beginners to fitness and dance of all ages. You do not need any dance or fitness experience to benefit from this class. It guarantees to put a smile on your face moving your body to; Chicago, Anything Goes, Moulin Rouge, Grease, Oklahoma, Lion King, Rocky Horror Show, Full Monty, Billy Elliott….


Chair Exercise- Seated Strength & Fitness

Is designed for inclusive & maximum participation for everyone regardless of age, capabilities & starting points.

This class is set to background music. There are five sections in the chair-based exercise class;

  1. Mobility, warming up joints & muscles in a functional way.

  2. Upper body strengthening using a range of weights.

  3. Lower body strengthening using resistance bands.

  4. Core strength, core stability & stretching to release muscular tension.

  5. Coordination exercises that benefit memory, movement, balance, speed & agility.

Ideal for people with orthopaedic conditions, long term health conditions, neurological disorders, stroke recovery, heart conditions, recovery from surgery or awaiting surgery.



Stands for high intensity interval training. It’s an opportunity to push yourself to your max for a short duration of time & then rest, repeat. There are a number of different HIIT protocols & I use a variety in classes including Bootcamp, Strength Training (with HIIT) & Spinning (on the bike). HIIT increase the rate you burn fuel for energy, it also increases your metabolic rate. It also has important health benefits; reducing heart rate, blood pressure & is especially beneficial for those needing to reduce insulin resistance & high blood sugar levels to a normal range. It is time efficient at improving your aerobic & anaerobic fitness levels.


Pilates Complete Beginners

Pilates class for complete beginners covers all the basics to gain muscle balance, increase suppleness & develop core strength leaving you feeling revitalised. Suitable for 60 +, postnatal & new starters. It helps correct muscular imbalances, improves posture, balance, mind & muscle connection. Starting with a standing warm up that mobilises all your joints & muscles in a functional way, moving towards muscle connection, activation & mat work. It’s a calm & controlled exercise class that positively benefits your mind, body & central nervous system.


Pilates & Stretching Beginners

Ideal for beginners who want to get started with Pilates increasing muscle strength & tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips & glutes (the ‘core muscles’ of your body) balance muscle strength on both sides of your body, understand how to gain muscle connection & control improving the stabilisation of your spine. Leave feeling revitalised with gentle stretches & exercises in this class.


Pilates Beginners & Improvers

Pilates is for everybody, regardless of gender, age, race, size, ability or current fitness level. The Pilates repertoire, which includes mat work & equipment is made up of over 600 exercises & variations. The goal of this class is to coordinate your movement & breathe together to work the smaller deeper stabilising muscles of your body as much as your prime movers. To align your entire body’s overall structures & provide joint support. This class utilises a lot of ‘level 1’ beginners & ‘level 2’ improvers exercises to keep progressing as you get stronger.


Pilates with Weights

Using weights in Pilates heightens the focus on your body position making you concentrate on the precision of each movement. This enables you to listen & connect with your bodies own feedback mechanisms & build on it effectively & safely. Adding small weights also bring extra resistance & stimulation to your muscles, increasing strength & tone.


Pilates with Resistance Bands

Including resistance bands into Pilates exercises assists you to move with better form & technique during Pilates exercises. It generates power from the correct muscles making the workout more efficient. Resistance bands are good for beginners to advanced class members offering support, external bio feedback, stability & resistance, which can be increased by using a heavier band. The band helps to activate specific muscles whilst maintaining alignment, stability & control. Using the band in Pilates is a fantastic way to improve total body tone & strength in a low impact way.


Pilates with Mini Ball

Adding a mini Pilates ball to exercises can increase levels of challenge & stimulation both mentally & physically. Using a mini ball has several benefits for your body & mind. It provides an unstable surface, requiring your core muscles to engage & stabilise your body during exercises. This helps to develop core strength, improve posture & enhance overall stability. It targets muscle engagement at a deep level & intensifies activation, leading to improved strength. It also adds variety which encourages your mind & body to focus more on alignment, control & balance by making the Pilates exercises more dynamic. Incorporating the mini ball increases range of movement which improves mobility & flexibility in a gentle & supportive way.


Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions 

This new Pilates class will focus on specific Pilates exercises to improve stability, flexibility &/or strength around a joint to relieve stress & tension in the body & improve your mobility, biomechanics & everyday functional movements. In this class the following orthopaedic conditions will be catered for; ​scoliosis, sciatica, hip & knee replacements, tennis & golfers’ elbow, rheumatoid arthritis, specific musculoskeletal problems, nonspecific generalised back pain, piriformis syndrome, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, hypermobility, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis & common hips, shoulder & knee conditions.


Strength Training

This class is ideal for; 35-75 year olds who want to reduce abdominal fat, increase muscle mass & build strength. It’s perfect for new mums who want to get back into shape safely, sports & fitness enthusiasts who want to boost performance, cross train effectively & prevent injury. The benefits of strength resistance training are phenomenal! Including; more body tone, better body composition, proven reduction in body fat% around week 8-12 of regular attendance, increased strength, body confidence & mental resilience. Improving after class fat burning effect (EPOC), blood sugar regulation, lowering blood fat levels & reducing blood pressure.

All equipment is provided; barbell, wide range of weights & dumbbells. The class is the same for 16 weeks & then one programmes closes & another one starts with a technique training masterclass. You can start anytime & see & feel benefits instantly.

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