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Ready to get started?

It's all possible...

  • Lifestyle changes

  • More motivation to change your exercise and food habits

  • To get ready for a holiday

  • To prepare to look amazing on your wedding day

  • To run a Marathon or take part in a sporting event

  • Greater core strength

  • Weight loss

  • A stronger, leaner body 

  • More toned all over 

  • Inch loss from your midriff 

  • More flexible and fitter

  • Improved self confidence

  1. Start your classes

  2. Start personal training

  3. Book your classes

  4. Get your FREE Healthy Eating Guide

Thank you I will read your message and respond within one day.

To fast track your class bookings please TEXT: O77O9 594 947

Success! Thank you for your message. I will be in touch as soon as possible. Tracy x

All group exercise and fitness classes are held at The First Place:-

The First Place, Kirkland



Parking is free after 6pm

For quick contact and to fast track a class booking.

Text Tracy:

O77O9 594 947

The First Place Fit for Life Fitness Cla
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