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The benefits of Yoga with Tracy Dixon

I have been teaching Yoga since 1999, during that time I have amassed over 5,000 client facing sessions & taught over 20,000 individuals. I have a huge wealth of experience to draw upon & I have continued to learn since my original qualification back in 1999 in London, increasing my knowledge & expertise as human science, psychology & understanding has moved on. I have experienced & taught Yoga, Relaxation & Meditation around the world over the last twenty years which gives me a lot of depth to draw upon when I am teaching.

In 2009 I became a qualified & registered Hypnotherapist, which has helped me & many other people in my classes especially during the relaxation & meditation phases.

I teach Hatha Yoga, Ante Natal Yoga, Power Yoga specifically for runners, cyclists, sports & active people. 

I also teach Gentle Yoga ideal for 65 years + & those people wanting to work pro-actively on improving a range of Mental Health conditions; stress, anxiety, depression, disorders...

And the latest addition to my teaching skills Aerial Yoga in my purpose built space at The Kirkland Centre in Kendal.

My passion is to experience how I can use all the techniques I have learnt to help you get what you want. To improve the issues you would like to change, in a way that is not a temporary fix but a life-long solution.

Yoga Class Schedule-Kendal

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Hands Clasped in Yoga Posture
Child's Pose

Day-     Mondays

Class-      Yoga mixed ability, Kendal

                 Ideal for runners, cyclist, sports & active people

Time-      6.30-7.15pm

Where-   The First Place Kirkland, Kendal   

COST- £5 pay as you go

Day-     Tuesdays

Class-      Yoga - Neck | Shoulders | Back | Stretch

Time-       8.00-8.3Oam- no experience needed

Where-   Online class | you need internet, gmail & pc/laptop/phone

COST- £5 pay as you go


Day-     Thursdays

Class-      Yoga - Legs | Glutes | Hips | Stretch

Time-       8.00-8.3Oam- no experience needed

Where-   Online class | you need internet, gmail & pc/laptop/phone 

COST- £5 pay as you go


Day-      Saturdays

Class-     Gentle Yoga & Relaxation | Full body | Deep stretch

Time-      6.00-7.00pm- Ideal for stress, anxiety reduction,

reducing muscle stiffness & increasing mobility,

flexibility and range of movement.

Where-   The First Place Kirkland, Kendal 

COST- £8 pay as you go


Aerial Yoga Classes for Beginners in Ken
Meditation Class

The physical & mental benefits of Yoga, mindful movement & relaxation 

Aerial Yoga Inductions
Starting May 2022

The Kirkland Centre, Kendal 

  • Better flexibility & mobility with the benefit of moving with more range & freedom.

  • Sports injury prevention. Tight & short muscles create a whole range of joint problems & imbalances, restricting performance. Stretching regularly can prevent those issues.

  • Improved posture & tone, stronger back & core through consistent practice.

  • Stress & anxiety reduction. Lowering your levels of the stress hormone cortisol after just 10 minutes. Slowing down over active brain activity, giving your central nervous system time to 'switch off' & re-set.

  • Decreased blood pressure, alleviation of insomnia, getting you a better nights sleep.

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  • A large space with a sprung floor & mirrors to improve technique.

  • Personal locker space for your items.

  • All Yoga mats are provided for you.

  • During Aerial Yoga all the hammocks are set up for you.

  • Changing facilities with separate mens, ladies & disabled bathrooms.

The Kirkland Centre is a beautiful building which I have fully restored & refurbished. It is set in an ideal location to the south side of Kendal with on-site parking, next to the River Kent making it a green, peaceful & calm place to practice.

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