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Chair Based Exercise Classes, Kendal
Tuesday's 11.30-12.15pm 
Friday's 12.00-1

At The First Place Fitness, Kirkland, Kendal
£5 pay as you go

Chair Based Exercises classes Kendal with Tracy Dixon at The First Place Fitness Kirkland

It is designed for inclusive and maximum participation for everyone regardless of age, capabilities and starting points.

The class is set to background music.

There are 5 sections in the chair based exercise class:-

  1. Mobility, warming up joints and muscles.

  2. Upper body strength, stretching and toning. There are a range of weights available to use in this section.

  3. Lower body strength, mobility, stretching and toning. There are resistance bands that can be used in this section.

  4. Core strength, core stability, back stretching and strengthening exercises.

  5. Improving overall flexibility, coordination and balance section.

  • You want to improve your strength, mobility, fitness and flexibility but struggle being on your knees or standing for long periods of time.


  • You are recovering from an illness or injury and you want to build up your strength and mobility with exercises you can do.


  • You have a back problem and would benefit from getting stronger using the leverage and support of the chair whilst you exercise.


  • You are eager to exercise and would find being able to work from your chair in a group setting motivating and confidence building.


  • You have just had a baby or are pregnant and want to build up your core strength, overall tone and keep fit.


  • You want to get back into exercise after a break or start exercise and have never taken part in a class or programme before and looking to boost your confidence, gain core strength, stability, overall tone, strength, flexibility and improve your balance.


  • You are wanting to improve your cardiovascular health after surgery.


  • You have a range of health conditions that you know be improved by exercising and doing a structured, fun class that offers variety, progression and ways to adapt based on your needs beneficial both physically and mentally.

Who is the Chair Exercise Class for?
Smiling Senior Couple
Elderly Woman at Gym
Senior Citizen Exercise Class
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