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Personal Mind & Body Coaching



Specialising in the following personal training areas of expertise for individuals in a 1:1 setting face to face at The First Place, Kirkland Kendal or online blend. 12 areas of expertise to select from. Understanding what you want, setting goals, agreeing timeframes, measuring success, seeing and feeling real results... achieving your aims and vision.


Beautiful Women

Women's weight and fat loss, wellness, strength, fitness and confidence

We all have different aspirations, requirements, wants , pressures, environments, personal circumstances and goals.

I'm interested in you and how I can help you with my expertise to achieve your desires. Losing weight, reducing body fat, feeling comfortable in your clothes, dealing with menopause, getting stronger, healthier and fitter, overcoming barriers, building robust habits.

1:1 Fees:
> 1st se
ssion-1 hour £75, face to face
Includes; pre-assessments, creation of personalised plans, 1st hour session in person assessments, setting up measures of success,
tracking & accountability methods.

After your initial session:
> 1 hour sessions £45
> 30 min sessions £25 

Holistic Treatment for eating disorders, obesity, weight management & well-being. (adults only)

With kindness & compassion I work with individuals to help them navigate their way through the complex nature their eating disorder & all associated behaviors; mental, emotional, physical, social…

The good news is with the right treatment plan in place most people can recover from an eating disorder or disordered eating.

It will take time & recovery is different for everyone. It is possible.

My approach is to look at the whole person & can include; health assessment, personal organisation, cooking eating & nutritional plans, strength & mobility, anxiety & overwhelm management, body image & raising self-esteem, self-empowerment, relaxation, relationships, talking therapy using a variety of appropriate interventions to reduce distress, promote well-being & have positive methods to overcome specific or general problems.

Workout Group

Men's weight and stress management, 
core strength, flexibility and fitness 

When time is precious and you are balancing work pressure, travel, family and other commitments; meals end up being rushed, stress levels soar, and time to focus on exercise that will give you solid physical and mental health benefits can seem like a luxury. When you set time aside, have external accountability and focus, you will be surprised at what you can achieve, and the positive impact it can have on your health, weight, stress levels, strength, fitness, core strength and flexibility. 

Senior Physiotherapy

Back problems, sciatica, disc prolapse,

facet joint dysfunction, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, piriformis syndrome

When the acute pain of a back problem has gone, restoring mobility and instantly following up with stability training. Teaching your body a better way to stabilise and move freely. Getting back on track and dealing effectively with a back problem starts with analysis of different movement patterns in 8 areas. Then moving on to understand specifics so that the relevant areas can be focused on, narrowed down and treated with clear functional solutions.

Mother and Baby Exercising

New Mum core and pelvic muscle strength, mental wellness, fitness, body confidence 

There are a lot of myths about pregnancy and exercising while pregnant. As long as Mum is cautious and knows what to do and when and how to adapt activities and exercises during and after pregnancy. Staying fit and strong are both encouraged and proven to have positive physical, mental and emotional benefits. Over the last 3O years I have had the privilege to support countless women through pregnancy and enable strength and confidence to return after baby has arrived, with safe exercises designed to meet individual and specific needs.

Physical Therapy

Neck, shoulder, upper back problems, reduce tension, aid recovery, regain balance

Suffering with ongoing neck pain can be debilitating, causing tension, headaches, muscles to spasm and other muscles to become over dominant. Once understood moving towards addressing specific causes, reducing pain, improving function, strengthening weak muscles, increasing mobility to restore confidence, regain balance and aid full recovery.

Pool Cocktails

Holiday body confidence, leaner, fitter and ready to enjoy feeling comfortable wearing any outfit 

There is no better feeling than putting on your favorite pair of trousers or wearing a top, dress and feeling a million dollars. To become body confident is different for everyone. Whatever that means to you I can take you on a journey that takes you to that destination. It maybe a two week, two month or six month time frame. It's matching scientifically proven methods with your motivations, interests and personality to get you the results you want.

Healthy Morning

Nutritional makeover guide; increased energy, reach your goals, boost your health

You've tried a few diets in the past and you've found yourself back in the same position. If you are ready to take your understanding of what you are eating, drinking to another level then a nutritional makeover will give you all the answers. How much do you need to eat? From which food groups? What macro and micro nutrients do you need to thrive and hit your goals? 

Exercising Man
Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

Exercising safely and effectively through cancer treatment and beyond

Once you've been given the go ahead form your doctor that you can follow a tailored programme, I seek to understand the cancer you have, the drugs you are taking, the side effects, your starting point, your history and then I set about designing a programme with multiple benefits for you including; improved muscle mass, sleep, vitality, bone density, mood, sense of Independence, a positive daily structure, better mobility, friendship, connection and strength.

Exercise, wellness, strength, fitness and confidence for neurological disorders; Parkinson's, Stroke, Alzheimer's and M.S

Certain types of exercise stimulate your brain to create new neural pathways. Putting together a programme which focuses on 5 main areas including co-ordination, strength, mobility, balance, agility can greatly increase physical and mental strength, resilience and improve quality of life. 

Sports cross training, improve performance, reduce injury risk, balance strength, fitness, core, flexibility, mental agility

Bride and Bridesmaids

Bridal Bootcamp! Get wedding day ready. 

One day and one opportunity to get in the best shape of your life  

Group Workout Session


Women Stretching on Yoga Mat
face to face £65 or X4 £240

Take your training to the next level. Challenge, determination, grit, goals.


Three Friends
face to face £75 or X4 £280


Gym Class
face to face £85 or X4 £320


Meditation Class

Together as a work team.

Work place health, fitness and mental well-being.

Girls Doing Push Ups

Family fitness, fun, challenges, events and celebrations

Boot Camp

Friends, socialising, motivating one another, feeling good.

face to face £15 per person

Frequently Asked Questions:-

If I want to do small group personal training with my friends is there enough space to be two meters apart? The First Place is 26O meters squared, which means there is plenty of space to exercise with equipment safely. The Kirkland Centre is 2OO meters squared, so if you want to do Aerial Fitness or Aerial Yoga there is up to three meters distance between each aerial hammock. 

Can we book our best time and day and pay online? Yes after you have contacted me, we agree a start date and time and I can send you bank details to pay securely online.

Can three of us do 1:3 with you and have different goals? Yes I can design programmes that work towards individual goals that are carried out at the same time.

I am a new Mum can I bring my baby to a personal training session? Yes I welcome babies, children and other family members for support, especially on the first session. I have found it helps when people get home to have someone who can support your journey.

Can I park outside the First Place? Yes there are parking places all around the First Place and The Kirkland Centre. It is pay as display before 6pm and after that it is free.

Can I do all my sessions online with you? Yes as long as you have internet connection, Face time or Facebook and a private quiet space in the house so you can hear and follow exercises so that I can see you. 



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