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 Strength & Functional Fitness Training
 & Tabata HIIT Classes 
Get fit, toned & Strong for Summer 

The ultimate body toning shape changing & fat loss class. A unique combination that is scientifically proven to get you outstanding body results across a 16 week progressive programme using barbell & weights.
Tracy Dixon Mind and Body Fit Strength Training Classes Lift weights get lean, toned and s

◾ Start with a Technique Masterclass

Next dates September 2024


Learn how to do all the exercises with a barbell & dumbbells safely & effectively. Experience a complete run through of the New programme. 

Understand what exercises work which muscles & how to adapt your weight to get the BEST RESULTS. Next masterclasses in 2024...


🟥 Sunday 14th April 2024 4.00- 5.30pm FULLY BOOKED (ST1)

🟥 Sunday 21st April 2024 4.00- 5.30pm FULLY BOOKED (ST2)

🟥 Sunday 5th May 2024 2.30-4.00pm FULLY BOOKED (ST3)

🟥 Sunday 5th May 2024 4.00-5.30pm FULLY BOOKED (ST4)

New programme Launches Monday 6th May 11.15am

 📲Text the ST code to fast track your booking: 07709 594 947


👉 Would you like to start?

This is a science driven programme…

I want this for you.


 Tracy x

🟥 Some important reasons to include progressive strength training in your week.


1. To get your confidence, strength & fitness back after illness or injury, in a safe & effective way. Boosting your immune system, increasing your energy levels.


2. To help reduce excess weight & fat gained on your midsection, legs, back & tops of arms. Have better posture & reduce your risk of injury from weak or imbalanced muscles. This is guaranteed over the 16 week programme.


3. To tone up your muscles, change your body shape, manage menopause symptoms, regulate your hormones, balance your blood sugar, improve your mental health, increase your bone density, positively manage stress & feel more youthful & good about yourself.

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Tracy Dixon Mind & Body, Health, Fitness

'Transform your fitness, body shape, habits, health, lifestyle'


Learn the new programme in detail. Build confidence and understanding before you enter a class 

September 2024 dates... coming 1st July


Master Class- new programme exercise technique, logistics, breakdown, personal feedback. Ideal for those that want to dive deeply into every aspect of the programme before you get into a class.

🟥 Sunday 14th April 2024 4.00- 5.30pm Fully Booked (ST1)

🟥 Sunday 21st April 2024 4.00- 5.30pm Fully Booked (ST2)

🟥 Sunday 5th May 2024 2.30-4.00pm 6 places (ST3)

🟥 Sunday 5th May 2024 4.00-5.30pm 4 places (ST4)

New programme Launches Monday 6th May 11.15am

📲Text the ST code to fast track your booking: 07709 594 947

At The First Place, Kirkland- Kendal LA9 5AF. Advanced payment to secure your place

Classes are perfect for:

*35-85 years reduce abdominal fat & increase muscle mass, tone,  build strength & flexibility.


*New mums get back into shape fast & safe no fancy choreography!


*Sports & fitness enthusiasts wanting to boost performance, perfect cross training especially for runners, skiers, cyclists & swimmers.


*Men & women serious about optimising FAT LOSS & FITNESS.

What Health & Fitness benefits will you gain?


  • More toned, leaner & defined legs, thighs, arms, back, core & reduced belly fat.

  • Proven reduction in body fat after around the 8/12 week mark of regular attendance.

  • Increased strength, aerobic & anaerobic capacity & body confidence.

  • After class fat burning effective up to 48 hours after the class torching calories.

  • Improved blood sugar regulation, blood fat levels & reduces blood pressure.

'' Doing  Strength Training  once a week I feel good, strong and maintain my tone.. doing it twice a week I really notice the difference to my strengthen, fitness, tone and body shape changing. I can do more. It feels amazing ''- Kath France

1 Jane loses 47 bags of flour with Tracy Dixon.png
Lifting Weights
1 Sue weight loss journey achieving all her short, medium & long term goals in 12 weeks wi




2 How Sonia lost 5 stone.png
Life Transforming Fitness Classes in Kendal with Tracy Dixon

All classes are held at

The First Place. A brand NEW venue in Kirkland Kendal dedicated to Group Exercise and Fitness

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  • It is predictable, you have time to learn it, master it and improve your strength and fitness

  • You don’t need to be coordinated

  • Everyone has their own kit and station

  • You can customise the workout to suit you

  • You can progress at your own pace by introducing weights and taking them off during the class

  • The music is motivating and the group synergy helps you stay on track and achieve so much more than being on your own

  • The challenge is your own, you can challenge yourself as much as you want in class, you are in complete control

  • It’s incredibly rewarding seeing the composition of your body changing over the course of a 16 week programme

  • You can feel your strength and fitness improving week on week and it’s real…

  • Anyone can do this class from teens to super seniors the health and fitness benefits are immense

  • It is based on science, what works and training with excellent technique will reap tons of strength and body conditioning rewards

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