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GINA’S LOST 3.5 STONE her confidence is soaring & running times falling! Read Gina’s biggest achievements

·        Losing 3.5 stone & is now maintaining her new body weight & composition.

·        Knocking 20 minutes off her marathon running & 7 minutes off her 10k running times.

·        Improving her strength, fitness & self-confidence.


“Deciding to work with you on my fitness & health has been one the best decisions of my life”!


Gina’s Account

Dear Tracy,

Where to start! What a year it has been. Deciding to work with you on my health & fitness has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Thank you doesn’t even come close to express how much I appreciate your guidance & continued support on my journey.


When we had our first 1:1 in January 2023, you boldly said to me “By the time you run the Manchester Marathon in April you will be 2 stone lighter” ….

Inside I thought – yeah right!!!, but each week alongside the running, training & eating plan you designed for me my weight steadily dropped & by Manchester Marathon day I was 2 stone lighter. I was amazed!


I’m constantly amazed by my falling running times & feel super proud that I’m fitter & stronger than I’ve ever been in my life. You’ve introduced me to Spinning Classes & now I do 3 a week- a game changer for my aerobic fitness, running training & weight management.


As well as the physical performance I feel better mentally. I would never wear anything tucked in or have my picture taken full length. I was always so conscious of my stomach & how I looked.


Having a plan is powerful & from that over the time with you I have learnt how to adapt for social occasions, alter my mindset & be consistent.


I’m looking forward to 2024 & what I can achieve. Doing this with my biggest cheerleader….YOU.


Lots of Love Gina.


HOW we achieved Gina’s results

  1. ·        Initially I designed a personalised running plan for Gina that combined cross training to meet her marathon goal.

  2. ·        The first running plan worked to timed runs & combined spinning, strength training, core work & stretching all designed to fit in with work & life patterns...

  3. ·        Over the year I designed multiple progressive running & training plans to fit the race events Gina entered. To hit her goals & prevent injury.

  4. ·        Alongside the training plans I designed Gina an eating plan which delicately combined; nutrition for running, exercising energy, recovery & weight loss. This gave Gina a body composition change that reduced weight, retained muscle mass & aided her recovery from hard run, spin & workout sessions (a difficult balance to strike) Gina followed the plans consistently & the results came over a 12-month period.

  5. ·        We met regularly throughout the year to review, refine, track, discuss & navigate each week towards success & overcome barriers & set backs

  6. ·        I offered Gina daily accountability.

A little word from me…

Gina was already an accomplished good marathon runner, working full-time in her own successful business & was approaching a big birthday.

When Gina invited me to work with her, I knew I could help her achieve all her goals & provide the physical & emotional infrastructure for her to succeed. I had total belief is her ability on a daily basis.

I never enter into a 1:1 relationship lightly I consider all elements before I accept. I feel privileged to have been on this journey with Gina & thank her for trusting me implicitly from the beginning. It’s been incredible teamwork.

A huge congratulations to Gina for all she has achieved in 2023.


Love Tracy x 

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