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🩷 HOW TO AGE WELL-Jenny’s powerful case for living well into old age & not just surviving it! - You are showing us what is possible & how you're making it achievable.

Updated: Feb 12

You inspire me every day.... Thank you to Jenny for sharing this with us.


📖Read Jenny's story...

Jenny started group exercise classes after retiring- This Is what’s she said… “Tracy it makes all the difference”- read on for a powerful, moving & inspiring case on how to live well into old age & not just survive it!

I started coming to Tracy’s classes nearly 10 years ago shortly after I retired. I had realised, at long last, that if I was to have any chance of staying well & mobile into my 70’s & hopefully 80’s, I needed to do something about my low level of fitness & strength.


Initially, individual sessions with Tracy helped me to change my thinking about diet & my approach to exercise & then I joined her classes. I started with Zumba & continued Pilates, which I had done before & found enjoyable & helpful. Later I added Spin & Strength Training which have made a substantial difference to my strength & fitness.


I have used Tracy’s guidance to help me choose the mix of exercise which now best meets my needs. When I joined classes, I had not done structured, regular, cardio- vascular based exercise since I left school, just leisurely walks & occasional swimming. In middle age, I had made one attempt to join a gym but didn’t enjoy it & didn’t stick to it. I was then several stones heavier than I am now & a new direction was long overdue.


I am in my 70’s now & feel considerably fitter than I did on retirement. Making the change has not always been easy but the exercise programme has always been far more enjoyable than I ever expected it would be! Most importantly, it has been life changing.


Like many, I do have some age-related issues such as arthritis - one knee & some fingers don’t work as they used to. However, where would I be if I had not had the opportunity to change direction, to start & then keep working on my strength & fitness through the structured programmes, with the motivation & support which Tracy offers?


What if I hadn’t, with help, rethought the way I eat? I know that to keep a good degree of muscle strength, flexibility & cardiovascular fitness, I need to keep on exercising in this way, hopefully for the rest of my life.

I want to be around to continue to enjoy time with my family & friends & to see my grandchildren become adults. I’d also like to be going on walking holidays in beautiful places still & climbing the steep hill to my home with its wonderful view when I am in my 80’s. I am aware of just how fortunate I am.


Every week I can exercise in a welcoming & supportive environment at my own pace with others of all ages. I know it may seem rather late in life to really understand why I need to exercise in a planned way - but it is never too late to start working to live well into old age rather than just surviving into it.


Jenny P- January 2024



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