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PILATES- New class with equipment for beginners & improvers Tuesdays 5-6pm First Place Fitness Kendal

NEW PILATES CLASS for beginners & improvers with equipment (all provided)

Tuesdays 5.00-6.00pm

First Place Fitness, Kirkland Kendal

£8 Pay as you go classes

Text 07709 594 947 to fast track your booking.


Click to read & see more about Pilates classes, times & dates.


I've been teaching Pilates for 23 years & I want to share all the incredible benefits with you. Pilates is for everybody, regardless of gender, age, race, size, ability or current fitness level. The Pilates repertoire, which includes mat work & equipment is made up of over 600 exercises & variations. The goal of this class is to coordinate your movement & breathe together to work the smaller deeper stabilising muscles of your body as much as your prime movers. To align your entire body’s overall structures & provide joint support. This class utilises a lot of ‘level 1’ beginners & ‘level 2’ improvers exercises to keep progressing as you get stronger.



Including resistance bands into Pilates exercises assists you to move with better form & technique during Pilates exercises. It generates power from the correct muscles making the workout more efficient. Resistance bands are good for beginners to advanced class members offering support, external biofeedback, stability & resistance, which can be increased by using a heavier band. The band helps to activate specific muscles whilst maintaining alignment, stability & control. Using the band in Pilates is a fantastic way to improve total body tone & strength in a low impact way.



Adding a mini Pilates ball to exercises can increase levels of challenge & stimulation both mentally & physically. Using a mini ball has several benefits for your body & mind. It provides an unstable surface, requiring your core muscles to engage & stabilise your body during exercises. This helps to develop core strength, improve posture & enhance overall stability. It targets muscle engagement at a deep level & intensifies activation, leading to improved strength. It also adds variety which encourages your mind & body to focus more on alignment, control & balance by making the Pilates exercises more dynamic. Incorporating the mini ball increases range of movement which improves mobility & flexibility in a gentle & supportive way.


Ready to get started with Pilates for beginners with Tracy Dixon?

Love Tracy x


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