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SONIA LOST 5 STONE IN 25 WEEKS!…. I was 40 unhealthy, overweight, unhappy & stuck...

‘’Thank you for changing my life. I’ve been battling with this for at least 20 years’’… My 40th birthday was on the horizon…. I was unhealthy, overweight, unhappy & stuck…

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Read Sonia’s amazing transformation journey…

I’ve always considered myself as a big girl since my 20’s.

It feels like I’ve been on a rollercoaster when it comes to weight loss for at least 20 years.

I’ve tried various slimming groups, diets, shakes & I always thought I have the knowledge to succeed by myself but every time I failed. I then developed an all or nothing attitude to my diet, I was either on it or off it! When I went off track a little, I would write the week off. I can’t tell you how many times I have told myself I will start again next week… I will start on Monday.

Consequently my weight has yo yoed for years & each time it has crept up. This resulted in a of lack of confidence & motivation. I thought I new best. I thought I could control it & do it myself & despite much support from family & friends. I wanted to show everyone I could do it & I was in control of my diet & lifestyle, but deep down inside I was totally out of control & It’s taken me this process to realise that I am a comfort eater. I used food & alcohol to manage all my emotions.

Breaking the cycle has been one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever faced. Eating & drinking were dominated by how I felt. Managing everything in a way that was detrimental to my health & life became the norm & extremely hard to overcome & know what to do.

I gave up so many times & so I gave up on giving up!

My 40th birthday was on the horizon…. I was unhealthy, overweight, unhappy & stuck.

I work in a local village store & just before my birthday a regular customer walked in looking fantastic.

He had lost weight, looked healthy, happy & was beaming with energy & life. I complimented him & asked what he had been doing. He explained that we was working with Tracy Dixon & she has designed a plan for him & was supporting him daily to succeed….. the rest is history! I contacted Tracy as I liked the idea of 1:1 personal sessions.

Having a plan designed for me by & working with someone who was impartial appealed to me. I wanted to wok independently at my pace with Tracy’s advice alongside me every step of the way.

Talking to Tracy & opening up about my struggles, failures & lifestyle choices was difficult. Acknowledging the impact on my physical & mental health was a big challenge. I had nothing to lose & everything to gain. I found talking to Tracy extremely motivating & straight forward. I appreciated her approach. She saw I was ready & believed I could get the results I wanted.

I’ve lost 5 stone in 25 weeks….

I never ever thought I could lose 5 stone. It’s been a massive achievement for me & I’m completely overwhelmed with how this has had such a positive impact on all areas of my life.

Everything has changed for me physically & mentally, which is amazing! I weight less, ache less, have clear skin, sleep better, have loads more energy, my mood has improved. I feel confident, less stressed & I have a whole load of new clothes which fit better. I feel so much more positive about every little thing. It’s life changing.

I look forward to everything & just walking down the street feels good. I get compliments all the time. My personal relationships are at an all time high. My relationship with food & drink is now a good one.

This journey with Tracy has changed my life for the better in every way. I will be forever grateful.

I will continue to access her expert advice & friendly support when I need it in 1:1 & enjoy doing Tracy’s classes regularly to help me maintain my massive achievement.

What an amazing achievement Sonia. I’m so proud of you. I’m glad you sent that message to me in November!

I also want everyone to know that after Sonia maintained her weight for 4 weeks & decided to set a new goal that we are now working towards.

Love Tracy x

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