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Yoga Video & Poses- Relieve Stiff, Achy Legs🦵🏻

Sometimes do your legs feel heavy, tired & achy legs?

Try my 4 Yoga poses to release tension & restore muscle balance.

1- DANCER POSE- Good for quads, hips & balance.

2- LOW LUNGE- Good for hips, upper body posture, legs & glute strength.

3- PIGEON POSE- Good for glutes, hips, adductors & quads.

4- UPWARD FACING DOG- Good for spine, hips & arm strength.


Hold each one for 30 seconds & breathe slowly.

Repeat the sequence 3 times for maximum effectiveness.



Do you run, swim, cycle, hike & like to stay active?

I teach 2 Yoga Classes that are specifically designed just for you...



MONDAYS 6.30-7.15pm



At First Place Fitness, Kirkland, Kendal.

Drop in & pay as you go.


 TEXT 07709594947 to fast track your class booking.



If you can't make classes, I have a video here for you.

It's 40 minutes long & can really help your legs lighten up, restore & refresh so that you can perform well & prevent injury.

Click this link..

Happy stretching.

Love Tracy x


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