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Overcoming back pain to cycle race winner 🔻HOW? Pilates, spinning, weight loss, consistency.. plan!

Ever thought that an injury or pain either physical or emotional was going to stop you in your tracks?


So much is possible with the right conditions, support, knowledge, time.


Remember you can achieve whatever you set your mind on...


What & How? Incredibly motivating.. Bad back, weight loss, Pilates, Spinning & winning!


Andy’s Cracker in his own words... . “I rode the 60 mile Cumbria Cracker last Sunday in a personal best time of 3 hours & 26 mins. Coming 10th out of 600 riders! & winning my age group by 22 minutes!!!!! I’m utterly gob smacked.


I came to you a couple of years ago with a bad back. I was struggling so much with my lower back, I actually thought my cycling days were over.


After talking to you & starting your Pilates classes, my back started to improve dramatically!! What a life line that was…


Fast forward to now & I cannot believe I’ve lost 2 stone & my fitness levels still seem to be improving.


The new Spinning Colour Zone Classes are superb & have made a massive difference to my endurance & stamina levels on my bike. I understand more about my aerobic zones.


Thank you so much Trace for all the advice you give us & for providing excellent classes & at your great facilities.


Age is NO barrier in my eyes…

Consistency is the key!!

Let’s keep going”.

Andy xx . 🚴💞


So many knock backs along the way Andy. I know how hard you work physically & mentally to keep moving forwards.

Always looking for small improvements & overcoming setbacks.

Staying consistent is sound advice.

I’m so proud of you & everything you have accomplished over the last few years.

You keep getting stronger & faster! Your results are proof everything you are doing is working. Simply an outstanding achievement…

Love Tracy x P.S do you need specialist support with your running or cycling performance? Nutrition, strength, mindset, lifestyle, injury recovery, performance, balance, marginal gains, strategy, planning.....

Send me a message:

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