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🟥 3 TIPS FOR A STRONGER HEALTHIER BACK? If you run, cycle, do sports & keep active...

Here’s what you can do to:

1. Avoid injury that stops you in your tracks

2. Perform better

3. Stop potential muscular imbalances becoming a major problem


Living with back aches & pains not only affects your physical confidence it can also affect your sleep, mood & mental state. Here’s my tips to put you back in control…


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Being aware of how you stand, sit, drive, sleep & move is so important. WHY?

It is the small things that we do every day that have the biggest impact on our posture, spine & back muscles over time.

Here are some things you can do NOW to help your posture:

• Make sure you stand up straight without slouching your shoulders forwards, hips level & feet forwards.

• Check the height of your home & work chairs to ensure that your knees are not higher than your hips (this puts immense amounts of pressure on the back & weakens lower back muscles, leaving them achey & stiff.

• Check your car seat driving position to make sure the angle does not go back too far putting excess pressure on your lower back, kicking you out of alignment.

• When did you last change your mattress? Check out your bed. If it is really soft it will not support your spine to re-align at night when you are asleep & can cause real problems when your body needs to rest & re-align.



When muscles get tight from physical or stress related triggers they pull your joints out of alignment & can cause a wide range of issues. This makes some muscles work harder than others so you end up with weak & dominant muscles that do not support you or perform efficiently.

The BEST thing to do is STRETCH regularly. I would consider doing 10 minutes of stretches every day & YOGA once or twice a week to focus for one hour on stretching....

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This has to be the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of back care for the longer term. Strengthen & conditioning all of the muscles in your core group to support your spine & your everyday movement, protecting your back now & for the future. Building up & strength muscles takes time. Anything worth having that you value is worth working for & investing time in.


Pilates is one of the best ways to start to strengthen all muscles in your core.

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I hope this is a useful prompt to know that there are many basic things you can do to help your back & build up a really strong foundation.

If you have any questions or would like advice please

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Tracy x


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