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⭐What's the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

What do they do for you?

I would like to share with you the main differences, similarities, what they offer, do & how they both work?

It can be difficult to know whether to have a go at Yoga or Pilates when you can feel confused about what they are & what they do & how they would benefit you.

Here are the MAIN things to consider beforehand & what the differences & similarities of Pilates & Yoga are.

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What is important to you? What are your goals?

This is the first step, knowing what you want & you can make your list of ‘wants’ as big as you like!

For example…

1. Do you want to develop core strength & correct posture & muscular imbalances?

2. Would you like to de-stress & improve your flexibility?

3. Have you got a back problem you would like to rehabilitate?

4. Have you had a baby & would like to ‘close the gap’, get stronger & tone up?


Both Pilates & Yoga offer stress-relief, flexibility, strength, control & physical & mental concentration.

WHAT DOES PILATES DO? Classes can have different emphasis but the main principles & themes are the same.

· Developing core strength & better posture. This is the main emphasis!

· Toning your muscles with exercises that are controlled & focussed

· Increasing your flexibility

· Rehabilitating issues relating to bad posture

· Correcting muscular imbalances created from work, life, sport activities & injuries

· Pilates moves through exercises with a focus on breathing techniques for the best results

· The experience is up lifting & relaxing, you feel refreshed, invigorated & mentally & physically calmer, more aware of yourself, more connected to your body

Pilates is an investment in yourself. It takes time to understand, build & you REAP HUGE benefits from doing it regularly.

WHAT DOES YOGA DO? Classes are wide & varied as there are many styles & types of Yoga practice but again the main themes are similar in different %. It teach gentle & nourishing & dynamic..

· Yoga focuses on flexibility of broad muscle groups & joints. Stretching & holding positions to increase flexibility is the central physical theme.

· It offers balance, strength, endurance, power & peace & is a fantastic way to reduce stress/anxiety & promote your health & well-being

· If you are really stiff & want to release tension from your muscles & joints Yoga will definitely do that

· Yoga moves through different poses/postures & has a strong focus on breathing techniques/ breathe control

· Yoga helps you to align yourself physically & mentally leaving you feeling able to ‘handle’ your life with more confidence

I have been teaching both Yoga & Pilates for 21 years & have been doing Yoga for longer.

I am PASSIONATE about them both.

I do see them as very different & both offer AMAZING health & well-being benefits.

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Tracy x


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