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Congratulations Laura 🌟 what a excellent achievement. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Meet Laura🙋‍♀️

. Works full-time

. Studies Uni around work

. Lover of all things ‘outdoors’ and group exercise


''During Covid lockdowns I experienced low mood and lacked motivation. It was only then I realised the impact and importance of regular physical exercise to maintain my mental health. I struggled to find a routine with work and study and it was really affecting my overall well-being.


I reached out and worked with Tracy 1:1 outdoors through the snow, rain and wind. It was worth it.


Then I started to adapt a mix of online classes and face to face when we could. I noticed the difference and started to find a balance.


I love being strong and fit enough to carry heavy bags, run, play with my friends children and carry my big rucksack on outdoor travels.


I was apprehensive as a novice swimmer with poor technique and I keep my head out of the water… but earlier this year I signed up for my 1st open water swimming event.

Body Pump class really helped me build my strength and aerobic stamina.

Also weekly Pilates and Yoga improved my core strength and mobility.

That helps with driving, sitting for long periods of time.

I’ve had a knee injury which has now gone.


Whilst swimming I recognised my core strength, fitness and overall strength helping me along to complete the event.

I love group exercise it keeps me motivated. I meet so many positive people and the shared experience and atmosphere helps me achieve my physical goals as well as boosting my overall well-being.


Simply fantastic Laura.

Your energy inspires me.

Thank you.


Have you found a healthy exercise, eating and well-being routine again after the lockdowns?


Have a super day.

Love Tracy x

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