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Introduction to Pilates Basic Foundations & Exercises- Training with Tracy Dixon First Place Fitness

I'm excited to be running an introduction to Pilates Foundation Exercises Training Class.

Saturday 30th September


Text to book your place 07709 594 947

First Place Fitness

Kirkland Kendal LA9 5AF

Cost- only £10


Who is the Pilates Training Class for?

1. Men & women who want to learn basic Pilates foundations. Assessing your individual needs in a small group setting. Recovery, rehabilitation & post-natal are very welcome. 2. Ideal for beginners, new starters & those who need to refresh their knowledge & individuals who may suffer from incorrect posture leading to back, shoulder pain or stiffness & posture related headaches. 3. Individuals who do repetitive jobs or daily activities that have created imbalances & a weak core area -abdominals, waist & lower back. 4. Individuals who want to understand how to flatten their stomach & trim the waist in a way that works. How to release mind & body tension.

What's included?

Practical & personalised ‘hands on’ Pilates tuition. Figuring out what body type you are. Working on areas of concern & imbalance. Understanding your body's movement patterns & the difference between stabilising & mobilising muscles. Basic Pilates exercises for beginners, functional mobility, balance & stability. Click here to see pay as you go Pilates classes

Love Tracy x

''Love the journey, the process And the results will follow''- Tracy Dixon

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