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Get Fit For Free! 5 Videos 🔻Aerobics | Yoga | Lower Body| Abs| Arms-Start your fitness journey here

Want to get fitter, more toned & improve your flexibility, coordination, health, energy levels & body confidence?


Here's the problem..

You're busy & you want to get your fitness journey started but haven't got a structure in place or a plan...

You think about it a lot & do bits, but nothing is getting you the results you want..


I have a plan for you!

  • 5 different workout videos that will give you a total mind & body workout

  • Structure: Start with video 1 & work to 5, repeat for 4 weeks

  • Start now & see a difference ready for the clocks changing & lighter nights in March

  • Do the workouts any time of day

Measure your progress & results:

  • Day 1- take photographs of yourself

  • Day 30- take photographs again


  • Quit sugar & alcohol for 30 days

  • Drink 2 litres of water everyday

No equipment needed. All your video links are here…

Save your post so you can do your videos anytime.

Share with a friend & enjoy getting fitter, more toned, motivated & confident together.

1. 50 minute Aerobic workout

2. 40 minute Yoga full body stretch it out

3. 9 of the best lower body exercises

4. 6 of the best abdominal exercises

5. 12 of the best arm exercises

Comment below & let me know which one you are looking forward to doing the most & why?

Aerobic fitness, Yoga & stretching, lower body, arms & upper body or abs?


Enjoy getting fitter

Love Tracy x


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