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Free 12 week strength & fitness course. First Place Fitness, Kendal- register here- starts 9th Sept


(free strength, mobility, flexibility programme)

I start teaching the new Move 4 Health Course this week.

I design it based on the participants' needs & capabilities.

STARTS: Friday 9th Sept 1-2pm

Who is the programme for?

This could be your Mum, Dad, friend, work colleague, you.....

  • Do you currently do less than 30 minutes of activity per week?

  • Have you one or more of the following long-term health conditions: Prediabetes / Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or a Respiratory Illness?

  • Are you suffering with your mental health?

  • Looking to improve your physical and mental wellbeing?

How to register & get a place?

It's easy & takes 2 minutes (max)

Click fill out the form, press submit.

If you or anyone you know fits the above criteria & can make each Friday at 1pm, it's a marvellous opportunity to:

  1. Build confidence

  2. Improve strength

  3. Increase mobility

  4. Understand how to improve a range of physical & mental health conditions through specific exercises & lifestyle tips.

Any questions about the course please ask me.

text: 07709 594 947

If you know that you would like to start please sign up this week.

Kelly from Active Cumbria will contact you to confirm & then registration details are passed to me.

I don't want anyone to miss out.

There are currently 8 people booked on and 7 places available.

Love Tracy x

''Love the journey, the process And the results will follow''- Tracy Dixon

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