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Running Strong! - Top Nutrition Tips

Tracy Dixon fitness classes running

#TRACYSRUNFITTIPS- When you have finished your run it is important to fuel yourself with the right foods, so you can:

  1. RECOVER QUICKLY- to run strong again within 24 hours

  2. STOP SUGARY CARB CRAVINGS- to stop piling on extra pounds from over eating the wrong foods that will slow you down & make you put weight on instead on losing it!!

Here are my Top 3 Post-Run Tips for foods you can easily have after your run in any location.

Thank you, stay strong, train smart & eat well Tracy x


Bananas have some excellent recovery benefits. They contain 20-30g of carbs to help replenish your carbohydrate stores & contain a variety of micronutrients including potassium, a vital mineral involved in muscular contraction & electrolyte regulation. They help to replace lost sweat post- exercise helping you get ready to run again within the next 24hours


Milk is one of the cheapest & most effective recovery foods out there. Milk contains protein, which stimulates muscle protein synthesis, leading to muscle repair following a run. There is also some research showing consuming milk immediately after exercise can help with that post-exercise muscle soreness also called DOMS. It contains a natural source of carbohydrate which to helps to refuel, & contains sodium which helps with rehydration. It really is the complete recovery package!


Almonds are high in vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that can help reduce free radical damage & therefore help reduce inflammation after a run & speed up recovery. A small handful of almonds will go along way to aid your post-run recovery.

I hope this is useful.

Stay strong, train smart, eat well.

If you would like advice on the best running cross training exercise including;

Yoga, Pilates Classes in Kendal & Strength Resistance Training, please send me an email.

Tracy x

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