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NEW GloCycle Spinning Class 🚴‍♂️ TOP 7 Benefits of indoor group cycling...👇 First Place Fitness

I have always wanted to have my own top of the range Spinning bikes and Studio set up to offer you the best class 'ride' experience...

I researched the right bikes on the market for years...

I ordered the best Spin bikes for us two years ago.. excited....

The order was held up for months.... deflated..

The bikes arrived.. excited..

Covid came... and the bikes sat for over 9 months desperate to be cycled .. devastated... BUT the clouds parted and...

We started Spin classes outside at the end of June and I'm delighted to share that Spinning Classes are going from strength to strength.

Due to the immense popularity of SAS, Glocycle, Turn n Burn and Sprint 5OO Spinning Classes..... I have added a NEW GLOCYCLE Spin Class to the timetable

NEW SPINNING CLASS Starts Wednesday 3rd NOV... 7.45-8.3Opm . Heart pumping music Vibrant lighting for amazing atmosphere Awesome workout for fat loss, fitness, legs and core High group energy Sprint, hill climbs, intervals and more.. . BENEFITS OF SPINNING- INDOOR STATIONARY CYCLING IN A GROUP ~ It's suitable for total beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness levels. ~ No spinning or bike experience needed to get MAXIMUM benefits. ~ It's low impact, no pressure on knees or joints with a tremendous feel good factor. ~ There are NO barriers to entering and starting a class- all ages, fitness levels can cycle. ~ It will improve your aerobic stamina, endurance, cardiovascular system, leg power, lower body and core strength. ~ It's excellent for fat loss, especially when combined with healthy eating. ~ You can track and measure your improvements from class to class with the bike functions dashboard. . Do you want to start my NEW Class? Class is 8.OO pay as you go. . Text me to fast track your class booking O77O9 594 947 . Love Tracy x

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