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5 Free Workout Videos! Lower Body Sculpt, Fight Fit Cardio, HIIT Abs!, Deep Stretch & Latin Dance

🟥 LET’S GET FIT, TONED & ENERGISED! My 5 Free Workout Videos are all here🔻

CLICK🔗🔗 for instant access.

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😀 Enjoy getting fitter, more toned & motivated.


1. Lower Body Sculpting- 11 minutes of mat based exercises for your glutes, inner thighs, hamstrings, hips & thighs.


2. Fight Fit Cardio- 30 minutes of kick, punch & block combinations to get your heart rate up. A super motivating, high energy stress busting aerobic workout!


3. Super Toned Abs!- 13 minutes of exercises to flatten your abs & strengthen your core muscles. All put together to high energy music in the Tabata HIIT style.


4. Deep Stretches- 20 minutes of stretches for your legs, hips, glutes, hamstrings & back. Ideal if you’ve been out running, walking or cycling.


5. Latin Aerobic Dance- 12 minutes of fun, motivating dance fitness set to sizzling Latin music!


Have a super bank holiday.

Love Tracy x


Classes start on Monday 17th April 2023

Click 🔗 here to see the New Spring Class Timetable


📲 Text 07709 594 947 to fast track your class bookings.

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