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Lauren's 9 month battle from defeated to triumphant over 5 major personal barriers in one to one

Tracy Dixon One to One Coaching Kirkland Centre Kendal

😢‘’I was broken when I walked through the door, at an all time low,

horrendous fatigue and chronic pain with multiple diagnosis’’…

👇Read Lauren’s 9 month battle from defeated to triumphant over 5 major personal barriers.

🔸Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, 🔸Fibromyalgia, 🔸Postural Tachycardia Syndrome and 🔸Hyper mobile-🔸EDS (Elhers danlos syndrome).

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Thank you Lauren for giving us inspiration by sharing your journey so far with us…



When Lauren walked in through the door at The Kirkland Centre last September she was at an all time low, defeated in every way, misunderstood and deeply upset BUT had just enough energy to say ‘’I want to be well, I want to be stronger, I want to be healthy… I want to feel those things’’


My reply… ‘’ Your in safe hands Lauren… Tell me everything… I am going to support you on your journey… what you want is possible and I believe in you’’



Lauren’s situation was complex. The work we did over 9 months involved many facets drawn together to create an evolving plan that gave her the structure and resources to achieve everything she set out to accomplish. Struggling but never giving up…

Working on:-

✔Structural stability- As the under pinning foundation, treading carefully around chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, hypermobility and PoTS so we did not aggravate any of those very painful illnesses.

✔Core strength- Building up systematically after we gained stability being so mindful when to challenge and not set back either physically or mentally.

✔Muscle strength- Improving strength to support all Lauren’ joints and help posture and pain reduction was to alleviate problems cause by being hypermobile and having chronic pain that altered posture and movement patterns.

✔Weight and fat loss- Through careful dietary analysis and support. Working around requirements for Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, and a variety of other nutritional needs and limitations.

✔Mind-set- Is wavering when your battling. Working with Lauren on creating new insights, raising levels of self-awareness to help self-manage symptoms and then exploring new ways of being and feelings that included being ‘well’ not ‘ill’.

My heart jumped for joy when Lauren opened the door a couple of weeks ago for our last session and said ‘’Tracy I ran up the stairs last night’’- it was so exciting to feel the joy Lauren felt from being able, well, fitter and stronger in every way.

In Lauren's own words from here personal Facebook Page….


Thank you to Tracy Dixon who has been an incredible support, motivator and coach since September last year. (Excuse sweaty photo but this was post work out and I felt so rejuvenated, and proud of myself!)

September 2018 I came to Tracy at an all time low; last resort; defeated. I'd been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, then later came along the diagnosis of PoTS- Postural Tachycardia Syndrome and Hypermobile-EDS (Elhers danlos syndrome). I was SO unfit. Had no structural stability. Horrendous fatigue. Widespread chronic pain.

⭐NOW I have energy; feel so much healthier; positive mindset; clean eating; more muscle strength; weight loss; core strength; structural stability; determination; and goals for the future! ⭐ Tracy has been an incredible part of this journey and I am SO grateful to her 💕 I've still got a journey ahead of me and will keep focused but I am so much further along that journey now 🤗💗💖 Tracy is amazing - such a POSITIVE person who just makes you happy 🌞 I can't wait to do more together in the future ✔


If any of Lauren's journey has resonated with you and would like me to work with you.

Please send me a Facebook message, ask me questions, pick my brains.

I am passionate about what I do and have a lot to offer you.

Tracy x

☎O77O9 594 947

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