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Tracy's Top 6 Daily Habits for Fat Loss

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When most people think about fat loss the top 3 things they think about restriction, cutting down, detoxing, calories, exercise etc..

I want to share my essential tips that are not linked as obviously with fat loss but that matter just as much as food and exercise AND will get your results when combined together. I guarantee it.

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Having a no excuses, positive 'can do' attitude sets up positive mental and physical feedback loops.

Whatever you believe you will be right. Believe you can and you will....


This point links into point 6. Understanding the process of fat loss, food, exercise and TIME.

The most crucial part to the process is to continue motivating yourself even when you don't feel like it because it all matters. To keep going, to be consistent. We aren't motivated all the time, working with a longer time frame and holding onto that vision acknowledging the little victories along the journey.


This is essential... not enough sleep will leave you feeling low, energyless and reaching for the biscuit tin.

Aim for at least 7 hours a night for cognitive clarity and the best chance to keep sticking to your positive daily habits fro health, energy and fat loss success.


Stress makes you fat- fact. You hold onto your fat stores just in case you need to fight, run away, do something in haste. So many life scenarios now can elevate our heart rates, raise blood pressure and trigger the fight or flight response flooding your body with stress chemicals and hormones.

Do something every day to counter balance stress e.g meditate, read, switch your phone off for one hour...


This is a lovely daily habit to evolve, an extra walk, a stroll in your lunch hour, a walk on the school run.

Over time can make a positive contribution to how you feel and look.


A huge subject- Tracy's short version...

  • Fat cells are full of fat

  • When you start to cut of sugar, unhealthy processed food, alcohol out you lose the stored fat in your cells.

  • You exercise, drink lots of water- YOUR WEIGHT STAYS THE SAME..

  • You carry on eating well and exercising and initially your fat cells are filled with water to maintain their size- YOUR WEIGHT STAYS THE SAME.. it may even go up- WOW BUT your body composition is changing internally.

  • Then what can feel like all of a sudden after 1O-14 weeks of consistently exercising and eating well you have a shift in body shape, composition and weight when your fat cells shrink down and the excess water is released to reveal smaller fat cells with less fat stored.

  • Then the process repeats and continues.. if you carry on exercising and healthy eating.

If you get demotivated between point two and three you won't get the results you want, will keep going round in circles... YOU CAN DO IT..

Start, keep going, positive attitude, consistency, cardio, weights, healthy food, plenty of sleep, manage your stress.

I hope you have found this interesting and useful.

Take good care Tracyxx

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