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Strength Training for beginners, runners, fat loss, managing menopause & reducing midsection weight

  • Would you like to be & feel stronger?

  • Have a better body composition (be leaner) & improve your bone density?

  • Deal with midsection weight gain?

  • Increase your energy?

  • Run or cycle faster, reduce injury risk, have more uphill power & perform better overall?

  • Manage menopausal symptoms effectively?

Progressive Strength Training will deliver all those results!

Starting with a technique masterclass is the best way to succeed, stay safe & understand what to do in class, why you are doing it & how to do it effectively.


What's included in a 1 hour 30 minute masterclass?

  1. A complete run through of all the exercises in the new strength training programme starting 1st May. (10 tracks + 50 exercises)

  2. How to do all the new strength exercises safely & effectively avoiding injury using the barbell, weight plates & dumbbells.

  3. How to adapt any exercises to suit your needs & capabilities.

  4. What does a particular exercise do for you & how will it benefit you.

  5. What weights to use & how to set up your equipment.

  6. Technique feedback & a chance for you to ask me any detailed questions.

You will leave with the confidence & knowledge to walk into any Strength Training Class knowing exactly what to expect, what to do & how to do it safely & effectively so that you get the best results you want over 16 weeks. I can guarantee on the new 16 week programme you will; become stronger, change your body shape, have less body fat, more body tone, run faster & manage the multiple symptoms caused by menopause & beyond...... DATES & TIMES

  • Sunday 23rd April 4.00-5.30pm


  • Sunday 30th April 4.00-5.30pm

At The First Place Fitness, Kirkland Kendal £15 prepayment secures your booking. To book your place on a Strength Training Masterclass Please text 07709594947 Frequently asked questions: "I've never lifted any weights before, I'm nervous & intimidated.. will I be able to do it"? Yes definitely! You are in charge of the weights you put on your bar. In the masterclass you can see & feel all the different weight options & select the best weights for each exercise you do. Weights start at 1kg & go up to 10kg & you can mix & match all the weights to get the right level of resistance for you. "I've got bad knees & dodgy back, I don't want to make it worse" On Monday at 11.30am & Wednesday at 7pm the strength training classes are focused entirely on lifting weights, no jumping or impact. Ideal to build leg & glute muscle strength to protect your knees. Controlled exercises will definitely help you strengthen your core & back muscles over time. "What is progressive strength resistance training"? Lifting weights that provide your muscles with resistance so that they adapt & become stronger. When your muscles adapt you can lift the weight with more ease & then you add more, repeat, repeat... "I don't want to get massive muscles! I just want to tone up & be stronger" Fantastic news.. progressive strength resistance training is designed to get you leaner, stronger & to use up excess stored body fat. Training to get big muscles requires lifting huge heavy weight, very low repetitions & a specific diet. That's not what we do in Body Pump. We are training for the fit, athletic 'look'. WHEN ARE THE CLASSES? When I have completed a masterclass what are my class choices? You can attend any of the 9 weekly strength classes on the timetable.. Click here to see all your class choices I'm super excited to start the New Strength Training Classes after Easter. If you want to look, feel & perform better I would love you to join me. Have a super day. Love Tracy x P.S EASTER OPENING TIMES Classes are running as normal up to bank holiday Friday. Closed from Friday 7th April- Sunday 16th April Open again Monday 17th.

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