Should I be taking Vitamin D supplements? Learn more..

I am answering this question, as the days are shorter in December and weather..... inconsistent:


Writing from a nutritional, mental wellbeing and strength perspective..

Here's my thoughts...

Do you need to top up your D levels?

Vitamin D levels are already low in the UK due to our lack of exposure to the sun.

With the recent lockdown and shorter days... it could be REALLY low

We need exposure to sunlight to produce sufficient vitamin D.

If you go outside each day that is super, but the chances are the sun might not be shining or strong enough to give you what you need.

It is also found in oily fish, eggs, meat and milk. It doesn't matter how much salmon you eat, food contains D2. It's D3 we need, which is only really available from the sunshine sun rays UVB.

Answer so far- YES


Vitamin D is linked to bone health, muscles, teeth, as well as promoting a healthy immune system.

It plays a super crucial role when you exercise for your bone and muscle strength.

Insufficient levels of vitamin D can also contribute to low mood and lack of motivation.


  • A bit of daylight everyday, Ideally enough exposure on your skin to produce vitamin D

  • Each a healthy well balanced diet full of colour

  • 1O mcg vitamin D supplements daily all year round

Want to know more?

Head over to Public Health England and read all about their recommendations

Was that useful?

Tracy x

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