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NEW SPIN CLASSES starting 6th Sept at First Place Fitness Kendal- Spin Colour Zone Fitness Training

I'm really excited about launching a BRAND NEW indoor cycling fitness programme....

Spinning- 5 Colour Zones Aerobic & Power Training

  • Do you want to get fit without jumping about?

  • Do you want to improve your aerobic stamina?

  • Are you motivated by tracking your individual performance & seeing how you improve?

  • Do you enjoy being in a group for motivation... but like your own space?

  • Do you want to learn & do something NEW & DIFFERENT?

​Then this is the class for you! WHAT IS IT? It's an aerobic stamina & power orientated (Wattrate) spinning class based on your individual personal data settings that give you training zones depicted in 5 colour zones. Wattrate= Is a direct measurement of your power output (effort) on the bike in real time. It combines your peddling frequency (speed/rpm) and pedal traction (resistance). Only you can see your colour zones & the ride is yours. You are not in competition with anyone else & only you can see your performance figures as you ride. WHAT ARE THE 5 COLOUR ZONES?​ White- Active Recovery Zone/ light resistance Blue- Aerobic Endurance Zone/ light/medium resistance Green- Aerobic Stamina Training Zone/ medium resistance Yellow- Aerobic Lactate Threshold Zone/ hard resistance Red- Anaerobic Capacity & Neuromuscular Power Zone/ Maximum output ​MAJOR BENEIFTS...

  • ​No joint impact.

  • Instant feedback on your cycling performance using the functions & data panel in front of you.

  • ​Highly motivating group atmosphere.

  • ​Improvement of your aerobic fitness, endurance & stamina alongside your power that can be tracked from class to class.

  • No age or fitness level barriers (this really is the MOST inclusive class I have ever taught).

  • ​It's good fun & you can set yourself personal challenges.

  • ​It's the perfect running, swimming & hiking partner. Improving your cardiovascular system capacity avoiding injury through repetition & pounding.

BOOK ONTO A TRAINING CLASS.. And then you know;

  1. Exactly how it all works

  2. How to set your bike & functions up​

Text: 07709 594 947 ​TRAINING CLASS DATES (availability 14/8/2022)

  • Tuesday 6th Sept- 9 places remaining

  • Tuesday 13th Sept- 13 places remaining

  • Tuesday 20th Sept- 14 places remaining

  • Tuesday 27th Sept- 15 places remaining

Training & class cost £8 pay as you go SPINNING COLOUR ZONE TRAINING CLASSES (from 6th September)

  • Tuesday's 7-8pm

  • Saturday's 9-10am

Once you have done a training class you will be able to enjoy the Tuesday or Saturday classes with confidence & evolve your knowledge & experience with each class. Text me to book your bike: 07709 594 947 Love Tracy x

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