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GET TONED for FREE! with Mission to Condition my 45 minute Total Body Toning Workout- no kit needed

Want to tone up? I'm excited to share my 45 minute total body toning video with you from my private collection!

Click 🔗 here... No equipment needed...

What is it & what are we doing? MISSION TO CONDITION combines natural body weight exercises to create an effective full body toning workout. There's no equipment used in the body toning class. It starts with a quick functional warm up and dives straight into standing leg toning exercises, lunges, squats, different directions, changes of tempo and speed to get a good muscle toning result. Followed by working glutes, inner thighs, core, chest, triceps, abs all on the mat. This is a low impact highly effective workout. It is suitable for beginners. You can easily progress this workout by using dumb bells and leg weights. It is easy to follow with clear direction and instruction on technique all the way through. Enjoy working on your body tone with me Love Tracy x

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