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Fast Fat Burning Breakfast Tips

DAY 4️⃣ GET BACK ON TRACK with my Top 5 Fast Fat Burning Breakfast Tips. 💗 Love you to 'Like' and 'Share' Thank you Tracy x . Eating cereals is a disaster for belly fat!! Often breakfast can be one of the biggest barrier becoming healthier & trimming up your waist line. You may think that “cooking” a brekkie is too time consuming & not practical when you are trying to juggle kids & getting ready for the day. . Here’s the thing… In the UK we are a nation of cereal eating, tea & coffee drinking, toast, jam & butter lovers!! Which is a DISASTER for fat loss, energy levels, cellulite (sugar connection) skin & hormones. Wheat + Gluten + Sugar + Dairy = Weight gain, bloating, energy crashes & sluggishness…. . HERE ARE 5 TOP TIPS FOR FAST FAT BURNING BREAKFASTS 1: Fry up all of your leftovers vegetables from the night before in coconut oil. Whisk up 3/4 eggs & pour over in a greased dish & bake. When brown & set, leave to chill overnight. Cut a slice & serve cold in the morning on the run or reheat. Great for ‘on the go’ lunches too. . 2: Breakfast Stir fry – prep time 5- 10mins. Heat a frying pan with coconut oil, pop all your veggies in & add prawns/meat – whatever you have to hand. Cook up & you will feel full & have heaps of energy plus you will AVOID the afternoon slump. . 3: Make a healthy Green Juice – Blend or juice all your vegetable please go easy on the fruit or you will be creating a sugar bomb that will send your blood sugar sky high then rock bottom & you will need to snack by 11am! . 4: Try a super quick scrambled egg dish or a 3 egg omelette with spinach packed with vitamins. . 5: Not an egg lover? Try pre-cooked fish like mackerel or sardines with some cold left over veg that you can re-heat quickly OR Greek Yoghurt with a handful of cashew nuts. . Start your day off in the BEST possible way with a lunch style breakfast. It is a mind-set change but once you get into the habit, I promise, you will never go back to boxed cereals of any description again!! . I hope this has been useful & interesting.

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