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🎯7 STEP PROCESS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS-create balance & success in all areas of your life

💗HOW TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS - Do you have success in some areas of your life & not others? (I've been guilty of this in the past) Goal setting is a good way to focus your attention & create momentum in all areas of your life. Here's my 7 step process🔻


The successful completion of lots of short-term goals, inevitably leads to the achievement of longer-term goals, especially as we gain confidence in our ability to make things happen.


🟥 HOW?

1. Pick 3 areas of your life (success in 1 area at the expense of all the others is not balanced success).

2. Set a short-term goal for each that work towards & longer term goal.

3. Write them down, share them with a friend (external accountability is powerful).

4. Plan what you need to make it happen (resources & specific actions).

5. Set yourself a time frame. (Deadlines can be great motivators).

6. Take small steps each day that lead you towards your goal.

7. When you reach your goal reward yourself with a real gift.

Ready to get going? What goals have you got?....


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Love Tracy x

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