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Andy Smashes his Personal Best on the Fred Whitton Cycle Challenge after taking up Pilates...

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‘’Massive thanks Tracy for your Pilates Classes that have developed my core strength and muscle tone. It benefited me enormously in this years Fred Whitton Cycling Challenge.

I achieved my Personal best time of 7hrs 25 mins what a difference it made to have that core strength on the numerous big climbs in the Fred Thanks again Tracy I looking forward to more’’.. Andy x

Huge congratulations to Andy who smashed his Personal Best this year and came in the top 1O% of all riders. Amazing achievement. Tracy x


Do you want to build your core strength, improve your posture, tone your stomach muscles, strengthen your back & glutes, stretch out stiff muscles?


So many people can benefit from doing Pilates:-

  • In pregnancy and after you have had a baby

  • If you have a sitting job or one that involves standing or bending

  • Do you drive a lot?

  • Do you have a job that involves lifting and carrying?

  • Recovering from injury or illness

  • Play sport and have muscular imbalance issues

  • Run or cycle and need to strengthen your back, glutes and stretch?

I have been teaching Pilates & Yoga for the last 19 years (Health & Fitness for 3O years) & I have a wealth of experience & skills that I would like to share with you.


The benefits of Pilates are far reaching with no impact on your joints. It strengthens and stretches your body in all ways; better core strength, improved posture, alignment, body tone, increased flexibility, mobility and correction of muscular imbalances……



11-00-12.00 @ The Kirkland Centre- Complete Beginners

8.15-9.15pm @ The Kirkland Centre - Suitable for all levels/post pregnancy, sports related/lifestyle


9.15-10.15am @ The Kirkland Centre new starters/ Beginners

8.OO-9.OOpm @ The Kirkland Centre- Suitable for all levels/ running/job related/sports/post injury recovery/prevention


11.30-12.30pm @ - The Kirkland Centre -Beginners & Improvers


5.00-6.00pm @ -The Kirkland Centre - Complete Beginners

6.00-7.00pm @ - The Kirkland Centre- Improvers for fitness, tone, core strength, stabilisation


12.00-1.00pm @ - The Kirkland Centre- Beginners

7.00-8.00pm @ -The Kirkland Centre- all levels

This class solves problems

Using Foam Rollers and includes deep stretches- IDEAL for beginners, sports specific & back, neck shoulder problems.


9.00-10.00am @ -The Kirkland Centre- get results- all levels

Fit Ball uses both large Fit Ball & weights for enhanced effectiveness & increased toning.


Text me O77O9 594 947


Send me a private message on Facebook and let me know which class you would like to come along too.

I provide all the mats & equipment.

All classes are pay as you go NO upfront fees, total flexibility.

If you have ANY specific questions, please ask, I will do my best to advise you.

Yours in good health & wellness

Tracy x

Click the link here to see all the Pilates Classes Kendal

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