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Benefits of Yoga for runners and cyclists

Yoga Classes for runners & cyclists in Kendal- no experienced needed. You have a tremendous amount to gain from doing Yoga regularly that is designed specifically to address the issues created by running, cycling & sports that continue to use the same muscle groups over & over. This is HOW Yoga can help you…


Yoga classes Kendal at The Kirkland Centre for runners and cyclists



Yoga stretches muscles out that are tight, which in turn increases than range of movement in related joints. Increased flexibility decreases stiffness, results in greater ease of movement, reduces nagging aches & pains.


Running & cycling use mainly the muscles from the hips down. Yoga uses your whole body. Strengthening your upper body & core muscles help improve your posture, creating better overall form, less fatigue, reduced risk of injury.

Better breathing, posture, increased range of mobility, movement, improved flexibility deals with aches, pains, prevents injuries & most importantly will improve your running & cycling ability.

I hope you have found this encouraging.

Pay as you go Yoga Class Schedule Kendal

Day- Mondays

Time- 6.15-7.15pm

Where- The Kirkland Centre Kendal- Free Parking

Day- Wednesdays

Time- 10.30-11.30am

Where- The Kirkland Centre Kendal

Day- Thursdays

Time- 8.00-9.45pm

Where- The Kirkland Centre Kendal-Free Parking

Day- Fridays

Time- 11.00-12.00pm

Where- The Kirkland Centre Kendal


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Look forward to helping you become a more effective runner, cyclist…

Stay strong


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