13 + Week Guide to regaining your fitness and Tone after you've had your baby

I get asked this question every week… ‘‘Tracy when can I start exercising again after I’ve had my baby & what can I do when?’’ I know this was one of the first thoughts that ran through my mind when I had Jack… Here is my 13 week + Guide to Regaining your Fitness & Tone after having your baby…


Everyone is different & those of you who have had c-sections will need longer to recover than those who had a natural birth. The most important factor is you have had clearance from your doctor & that you are well before you start any sort of exercise.

WEEK O-6 Recovery & Re-adjusting

This is the time to concentrate on building your physical & mental recovery with strengthening exercises for your pelvic floor & core body muscles.

It is all about building up your foundation correctly first & getting stronger.

  • Basic Pilates

  • Walking

  • Eating well & aiming to get as much sleep as possible

WEEK 7-12 Low Impact moderate exercises

If you had a natural childbirth, this is normally the time when your doctor will give you the go ahead to exercise again. Listening to your body is key & these exercises will start to build your fitness, tone & energy back up.

  • Pilates

  • Yoga

  • Working with light weights

  • Low Impact aerobics e.g Zumba, Club Core & More, Blitz, Abs Blast Classes

WEEK 13 + onwards Intense aerobic & toning exercises

This is the time when you can increase your exercise intensity & frequency. Making sure your eating well & staying hydrated will give you plenty of energy. Doing Group Exercise is a fantastic way to build up your body confidence, meet positive like-minded people & have a bit of time for yourself, which helps manage life/stress better.

  • Tabata- High Intensity Interval Training- IN1OSITY HIIT

  • Body Pump, Mission to Condition, Club Core & More

  • Combat

  • Running

  • Pilates

  • Fitness Fusion

  • Circuit Training


You have to take care of yourself in order to look after your little ones.

I hope this is useful.

You can see the full class Timetable here with all the times, dates & classes listed above… https://www.tracydixonmindandbodyfit.com/class-timetable

If you would like any advice or to book onto a class then please send me a private message.



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