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🧘‍♀️Women 🙋‍♀️ Why do Strength Training? Manage menopause weight gain, muscle strength~ HOW?

Did you know that women lose approximately 3-8% muscle mass per decade after the age of 3O?

What does that mean?

  1. That your metabolism slows down as muscle mass is a fat burning component = steady weight gain and increased body fat.

  2. Your body tone and shape starts to change = less muscle tone and condition.

  3. Your muscle strength declines = feel weaker, more prone to injuries, less independence.

Did you know you can combat this natural process and reverse it?

By using weights in a way that allows you to progress safely and effectively.



It reverses all the natural processes of aging and natural muscle wastage for women and men.

It's highly motivating and you quickly feel a sense of achievement.

The benefits to you:

  1. Reduction of natural weight gain through aging and menopause

  2. Fat loss as your body starts to burn more fat for fuel during and after classes

  3. Better body tone, definition and muscle condition

  4. Increased strength

  5. Improved body confidence and mood

  6. Increased bone density {preventing oesteoperosis}

  7. Blood sugar regulation

  8. Blood pressure regulation


With a Master Class

Sunday 9th Jan 4.OO-5.3Opm {4 places available}

Sunday 16th Jan 4.OO-5.3Opm {6 places available}

Cost 15:OO

You will learn:

  • How to do all the exercises in the New Year Programme safely and effectively.

  • The benefits of each exercise.

  • How to adapt each track to get the most out of it for you.

  • {There are 1O tracks to learn each focusing on different muscle groups}

  • Which are the best weights for you to use on each exercise and track.



If you're ready to have ALL the benefits from Body Pump Class..

Text O77O9 594 947 and join a Master Class in January to get started.

There has never been a more important time to develop your physical and mental strength.

I did my first qualification with weight in 1994.

I've been sharing the immense benefits in classes and 1:1 ever since.

We are still learning about the importance of strength training, metabolism, menopause,

weight gain, fat loss, mental and physical health and how

consistent progressive training can radically improve your health and quality of life.

It's a game changer if you want to:

  • feel better about yourself

  • have more energy

  • be stronger

  • lose weight gained slowly from aging, menopause and lifestyle factors

  • Have a positive stress management strategy

  • Improve your core strength

  • have a more toned body

Any questions please ask me.

To book your place on the New Year Body Pump Master Class

Text me O77O9 594 947..

I can't wait to launch the NEW Body Pump Programme on 17th January.

Love Tracy x

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