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Why Building Core and Abdominal Strength is ESSENTIAL...

BUILDING ABDOMINAL STRENGTH IS CRUCIAL for comfortable everyday living.

I’m giving you FREE access to two of my abdominal and core strength building workout video’s below. WHY? Because I care and I want you to feel stronger and to be able to solve that problem if your suffering.


Sitting at your desk, lifting, driving, twisting, standing, all rely on your core muscles.

Weakened core muscles can lead to debilitating back pain and a whole host of other muscular and joint problems.


Read on I’m going to give you FREE access to two of my abdominal and core strength building workout video’s.


Working your abdominals, back, waist muscles is so much more than looking good… That’s an awesome side benefit.


Consider doing these if:

Ø You sit for more than half an hour at work of home working

Ø You have small children, do a lot of bending and lifting

Ø Drive a lot

Ø Have a job that requires you to stand for most of the day

Ø Your back aches at the end of the day and you feel tense in your shoulders and neck

Ø You wake up stiff with an achy back

Ø If you run, cycle or do sports and fitness

Link to Video ONE- 13 MINUTES

Link to Video TWO- 9 MINUTES

Do you struggle with your back?

How does it impact your daily life?


Let me know if this is helpful for you?

Will you have a go at the home workout video's?

To see a list of all my Pilates Classes

Click here:

I teach Online Classes in a private secure setting.

I also teach at my purpose built venue, The First Place Fitness Kendal.

It gives you plenty of option to access the classes you want and need to gain great strength and confidence.

Tracy x

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