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WEAK CORE MUSCLES? Could be leaving you vulnerable to injury. Here are my Top 3 Exercises to build up strength in your core muscles


·        You get lower back & neck pain

·        Your balance is inconsistent & not good

·        Your posture is poor, shoulders rounded & you get neck tension/ headaches

·        Getting up & off the floor can be difficult

·        Standing for long periods of time hurt

·        Running, jogging or cycling can cause back & hip pain after a certain time



Exercise 1- All fours single leg lift

How to do it?

1.      Start on all fours

2.      Hands under your shoulders

3.      Keep knees under your hips

4.      Lift your right leg & then left…. Slowly

5.      Engage your bum/glute muscles


Exercise 2- Glute Bridge

How to do it?

1.      On your back

2.      Shoulders relaxed

3.      Lift your hips

4.      Engage your glutes (bum muscles)

5.      Lift & lower slowly


Exercise 3- Side Plank Hip Raises

How to do it?

1.      On your side

2.      Elbow under shoulder

3.      Rest on your knees if you need to adapt

4.      Hips on top of one another

5.      Lift & lower


 When could you expect to feel stronger & have a reduction in symptoms?

If you are consistent with your exercises & manage to complete them 3-5 times a week.

You will start to notice a difference in 4-6 weeks & then you will need to adapt by increasing the number of repetitions you do to keep progressing.


If any exercises cause discomfort stop.

Start by trying 1 & build up the number you do each day


What more guidance?

Why not start beginners Pilates Class?

Tuesday 5-6pm

Wednesday 10-11am

Friday 11-12pm

£8 pay as you go

First Place Fitness, Kirkland, Kendal


Click here to see more information about Pilates.


I hope this is helpful


Tracy x


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