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menopause health for women
4 tips to prevent osteoporosis during & post menopause

From the age of about 35 we slowly lose calcium from our bones. Losing oestrogen during the menopause increases that rate of loss leaving us at risk of osteoporosis. You may know someone who has this?

My Nana did & it can be a painful & debilitating deterioration.

It can be proactively prevented with lifestyle changes.

Men are also at risk of developing osteoporosis. It affects 1 in 20 men over the age of 50.


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What is osteoporosis?

It’s a medical condition which bones become brittle & fragile from loss of tissue, typically as a result of hormonal changes, deficiency of calcium or vitamin D. The fall in oestrogen levels in women at menopause is one of the strongest risk factors for developing osteoporosis.


✔️ Here’s 4 actionable tips to prevent osteoporosis

1- Regular weight bearing exercise 2/3 times a week strengthens your bones & muscles. This includes strength training & any form of aerobic fitness that includes impact.

2- Increase your calcium intake. Aim to eat 2/3 portions a day. Calcium rich foods include; leafy green veg, tofu, yoghurt, cheese.

3- Up your vitamin D levels by getting regular sunlight. Oily fish, eggs & liver are also good dietary sources of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, which strengthens your bones.

4- Stop smoking. Smoking slows down the cells that build bone, leaving smokers a greater risk of breaking bones as they age.


Which one could you do first for a quick win?


Love Tracy x

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