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⭐SUGAR VS FAT? What you need to know for weight, fat loss & your health....

Let me help you navigate your way through this dietary battleground! 🔻

If you have a weight or fat loss goal & you are wanting to have more energy & have a healthier diet… keep reading

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Too much sugar can lead to putting on weight. Excess weight increases the chances of developing type 2 diabetes, heart & circulation problems.


Not all foods containing sugars are the same. Fruit or dairy products contain natural sugars but are nutritious foods that contain vitamins & minerals.


We need to cut down on free sugars, which include added sugars, syrups, or juices. They’re “free” because they’re not naturally within the food, they’re added, or they’re released from the cells of fruit when it’s cooked, or when it’s processed into juices & smoothies.

⭐ It’s recommended that we eat less than 30g (1oz) of free sugars each day, but most of us are eating more than this.


Foods high in free sugar like sweets, biscuits, chocolate bars, jam & sugary drinks are high in energy (calories), these are “empty calories” because they don’t offer much else nutritionally.



Fat is important to provide us with some essential fatty acids, & fat-soluble vitamins including A, D & E. But if you’re watching your weight, it’s worth bearing in mind that fat is the highest-calorie nutrient (weight for weight, it has more than twice as many calories as protein or carbohydrate) so eating too much can mean a high-calorie diet.


What most of us are still eating too much of is saturated fat – the kind from animal sources. Too much saturated fat is linked to raised cholesterol levels.


This type of fat is found in foods like butter, cream, cheese, fatty meats, pastries, cake, chocolate & biscuits.

Research has shown that switching saturated fat for unsaturated fat – like olive or rapeseed oil, nuts & seeds, or oily fish – can help to improve cholesterol levels.


🟥 The BEST advice for being healthy & stopping weight from piling on:

• Eat less then 30g or 1oz of free sugars a day.

• Check nutritional labels on food & drink packaging.

• Fat is an important source of vitamins, limit your intake to 3 times a week.

• Cut down drastically on saturated fats & switch for unsaturated fats.

1️⃣ What’s the one thing you could change today that would have the biggest positive impact on your diet & health in relation to sugar & fat?

Tracy x

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