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Low on energy? It could be your Iron levels... Top Nutritional Tips (including Vegans & Vegetarians)

I want to share with you a ton of practical actionable good stuff about Iron....

The Fe one... not the clothes flattening one!

Top foods especially for Vegans & Vegetarians read on...

WHY IS IRON SO IMPORTANT? Iron is important because the body uses it to create haemoglobin (the protein in your blood that carries oxygen). The need to get enough oxygen to your muscles to perform while you are exercising is essential for you to be able to keep going.


  1. · Abnormal tiredness when you're doing regular activities.

  2. · Struggling with easy workouts.

  3. · The harder you try the worse you perform.

  4. · General fatigue, muscle fatigue, breathlessness, looking pale.

  5. · Increased sensitivity to cold.

HOW CAN YOU BOOST YOUR IRON- NATURALLY? By adding some of the following foods into your meals everyday. Meat sources: red meats (beef, pork) & liver. Vegetarians: egg yolk, potatoes with skin, watermelon, broccoli, raisins. Vegans: apricots, baked beans, cashew nuts, chickpeas, figs, kale, lentils, parsley, peas, spinach. HOW DOES VITAMIN C ENHANCE THE ABSORPTION OF IRON? Vitamin C has been scientifically shown to enhance iron absorption. It captures non-heme iron & stores it in a form that's more easily absorbed by your body. FOODS HIGH IN VITAMIN C... Strawberries, melon, spinach, cabbage, peas, peppers, oranges, lemons ** DID YOU KNOW… Drinking tea & coffee can inhibit iron absorption. Will that help with your meal planning this week?

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