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Lose weight & change your body composition in 16 weeks like Catherine... guide to success

  1. Would you like to lose weight?

  2. Change your body composition?

  3. Feel more confident about your body shape?

This is what Catherine achieved in 16 weeks...

It's an outstanding midsection meltdown!

Congratulations Catherine.

Catherine's class combination:

  1. Midsection Meltdown

  2. Club Core & More

  3. Body Pump & HIIT

  4. Spinning

  5. You Tube Video '10 Step Ab Ladder'

Do you want results like Catherine? Click the link below for a step by step 12 page practical guide with meal planner, recipes, ideas & results tracker to start your journey.

I have written a 12 page Healthy Eating Guide with a meal planner & a way of tracking your results.

If you would like a FREE Copy click here >>

I'm excited to see your results after using the meal planner, recipes & results tracker.

Tracy x

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