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⭐ HORRIFIED TO 1OOK Ultra Run at 61!

🏃‍♀️Patricia's journey; motivating + inspiring.. Weak core, lower back and shoulder problems~ Pilates ~ Fitball ~ Strength and running. .

💕 Love you to 'like', 'share, and a massive congratulations for P's achievement, consistency and determination.. 🥇 . In P's own words. . I entered my first 10k for a bet in 1990 and it was OK, so I kept on running for fun and the years rolled by. I thought that's all I needed to do to keep fit, not realising that I wasn't getting any stronger (I certainly wasn't getting any faster). I didn't even know what "core strength" meant, let alone how vital it is. . I first met Tracy in the early 2000's when I moved back to Kendal - I loved aerobics, but then a change of job meant a long daily commute for quite a few years. . Fast forward to just a couple of years ago, when I managed to try a couple of Tracy's Abs classes. . I was horrified at my total inability to do any exercises: years of using all the wrong muscles to compensate for weakness, and years of driving, had totally wrecked my lower back, plus my shoulders were developing a hunch…I didn't know what to do?.. . I reached out- Tracy came to the rescue... first of all recommending Pilates and also Fitball (which remains my all-time favourite), and I've never looked back. . The benefits were immediately noticeable that it continues to be worth every second. Being able to work with Tracy especially during lockdown has helped me get to a level of fitness I never thought possible. . I’m standing up straight without trying for the first time in years... . I managed to follow a really tough Ultra training plan and have just completed a 100k event in Northumberland. . So here's to the next years. I look forward to each and every class, online or studio, and I've made some lovely friends too. Thank you, Tracy - I'd give you my medal only I am rather proud of it..... Pxx . Thank you so much, privileged to be a small part of your amazing journey so far. Love Tracy x . 👆 Click link to see all P's classes: Fitball, Pilates, Bootcamp, HIIT, Body Pump {strength training}

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