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⭐Exercise and Mental Health- Where's your head at?

🔴1 IN 6 PEOPLE reported experiencing a common mental health problem in any given week in England 2021 {Stats: Mind + ONS}


This week I have just started working with individuals with long term health conditions referred by GP's and self referred into a 12 programme I have designed to meet a number of needs and considerations.


It's been a super quick turn around and I did my first one Thursday morning.


Seeing everyone for the first time completely reaffirmed the to me the immense benefits that getting together in groups, working towards common and individual goals, the sense of satisfaction, the social aspects. The power of music, movement and structured exercise sessions can have on mood, mental well-being and of course physical health.

🟥 Below are general guidelines for what do to, how long & why. .

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The National Institute for Clinical Excellence NICE recently made recommendations that people with mild to moderate depression & anxiety should be advised of the benefits of following a structured exercise programme 3 sessions a week over 1O-14 weeks by GP’S & other Mental Health Organisations like MIND – NICE 2O19.


There are many factors to take into consideration before embarking upon an exercise programme; age, current fitness levels, medication, side effects, other medical conditions, limitations & self-esteem.


Once all that has been established & you find the right activity & exercise blend for you the physical & mental benefits for your mind & body are felt INSTANTLY...

🟥 A quick description for clarification first. Types of exercise & the broad benefits:


🧡 CARDIOVASCULAR- exercise can contribute to a ‘feel good factor’ which releases endorphins & can motivate you to take on other activities in your life with more motivation.

++ Related Group Exercise Classes- Zumba Dance, Blitz, Aerobics, Spinning, Step, Club Core and More, HIIT.


💪 MUSCULAR STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE- functional activities assist with muscle tone & shape, which can contribute significantly to increased self-esteem.

++ Related Group Exercise Classes- Body Pump, Bootcamp, Pilates, Club Core and More.


🧘‍♀️ FLEXIBILITY AND MOBILITY- exercises that assist with efficiency of movement making everyday tasks easier. Stretching also releases tension, helps with relaxation, can improve posture, which can have an impact on increasing self-confidence.

++ Related Group Exercise Classes- Yoga, Pilates.

🔴 These are general guidelines for depressive disorders, set by DoH.

✔ Cardiovascular- 3-5 days a week for a minimum of 3O minutes per session

✔ Muscular Strength- 2 times a week of progressive whole body training

✔ Flexibility- 5 days a week whole body stretching

✔ Functional- 3O minutes daily; walking, gardening, housework

I hope you have found this useful today.

Any questions please ask.


Love Tracy x

Click 🔗 for Nov and Dec Group Exercvise Class Timetable 👇

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