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Dave runs Lakeland 50 over 1 hour faster than planned! Yoga, Pilates & Bootcamp 100% valuable...

“I did the Lakeland 50 mile Fell Running Event for the first time.

I was so surprised when I crossed the finish line in 10 hours 43 mins..

1 hour 15 minutes quicker than planned!!!


Tracy’s classes were so useful & beneficial & 100% valuable.

I had no injuries or pain during training or after the event.

Straight after the event I did Tracy’s Yoga for runner & it sorted my muscles out completely!


As part of my training, I did Tracy’s Yoga for runners, Pilates & Bootcamp which combines strength & cardio & includes the bleep test to track your aerobic fitness improvements.


Thanks so much to Tracy Dixon for all the classes I have done over the years.

I have found such a massive benefit doing them to my fitness, strength & mental health.

Everyone is so friendly.


I 100% recommend Tracy’s classes.

I feel they are so valuable & I get so much benefit from doing them.

I started in 2014 to train for the Fred Whitton.

I now do 3 classes; Bootcamp, Yoga & Pilates.


Thanks so much for everything”.


A superb run for Dave on 29th July.

To run that distance is such a huge physical & mental challenge.

A massive congratulations on such a brilliant Lakeland 50 run.

Thank you for your fantastic positive feedback on how classes have helped you to achieve a great time, to stay injury free throughout & have built your strength, power & fitness to endure such an iconic & arduous event- with a smile.

Love Tracy x

Click here for Yoga for runners

Click here for Pilates

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