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Lisa Smashes Running PB

Body Pump Strength Training Fitness Classes Kendal

I am so happy to share this with you today.. Lisa’s own words on smashing her half marathon PB...

‘’I actually couldn’t convince myself I had finished.. I wanted to do a two hour half marathon time as I missed that goal last time, but I’d knocked over 6 minutes off my PB time…

You, classes and all the friends I have met along the way from classes have changed and influenced my life. Before I started coming to classes I was running out of motivation fast, classes have given me strength, confidence, motivation and an incredible lifestyle change.

Thank you so much for changing my mind-set to push myself, challenge myself and most importantly believe in myself.

My legs felt so strong, I could have kept going.. It was amazing.. that’s Body Pump!’’- Lisa x

Getting through running training, staying motivated, strong and injury free is a science and art in itself.

I’m not a runner but I’ve done a few half and full marathons in my time. I understand in detail what’s required both physically and mentally. There is a lot to consider and factor into your training plan.

Lisa has done incredibly well exceeding her own expectations and achieving more than she ever thought possible on the day.

A huge congratulations Lisa…. You are inspiring. To have seen your determination to improve, succeed and keep going even when things got tough has truly paid off both physically and mentally for you. Tracy xx

Lisa does Body Pump and Tabata HIIT Classes on Wednesday at 6.15pm at The Kirkland Centre which is a functional strength resistance training programme that combines using weights with Tabata rounds.

This class is IDEAL for runners as it develops muscular condition and strength in a progressive way helping to avoid injures from running training alone. It develops strength and flexibility in hips and glutes which protects your back, knees and ankles. It improves core strength and increases your overall running speed and pace by systematically training at peak in Tabata rounds with and without weights.

If Lisa has inspired you to get moving, to want to run faster, stronger or even start training and set a goal and you want to start classes or get some advice please contact me.

☎ O77O9 594 947

Have a super day

Tracy x

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