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7 reasons why we can fail our fitness goals... My 7 Motivational Tips to get you back on track

Tracy Dixon Fitness and Coaching Mind-set Motivation

Here’s my Top 7 reasons why we can fail our health and fitness goals- My Motivation to get you back on track…

You’re exercising, training, eating healthy, doing all the ‘right things’ & you just don’t seem to be meeting your goals & achieving what you want? If this is something you can resonate with you may find this interesting..

▶You’re expecting results too fast, too soon.

Being consistent always produces results. Change will happen but you must keep going. Trusting the process and doing something positive every day to contribute towards your goals and you WILL ACHIEVE.

▶You haven’t got a clear plan.

You may have a strong idea about your final destination, but if your daily actions aren’t aligned with your goals then the odds are seriously stacked against you. Make a daily plan and you WILL SUCCEED.

▶You fear failure & it’s stopping you from progressing.

You’ve talked yourself out of it before you’ve even got going, ‘but what if’…

If you don’t start & try and give it a shot you will never reap the benefits of being fit, strong & healthy. Take action every day and you WILL SEE RESULTS.

▶You get overwhelmed & swing between doing loads & then not a lot.

You skip between trying this and that, no carbs one week, HIIT ever day the next, do a few weights, stop alcohol for 7 days… taking a long view and sticking with a decision will produce positive healthy results, this takes time. Choose to make a couple of small changes and stay with them. You WILL FEEL MORE EMPOWERED.

▶Not being totally honest with yourself.

This is super common, we underestimate what we have eaten and had to drink and overestimate the amount of activity we do. Being super honest with yourself takes you to a place of acceptance and that is the best place to start, real change can take place from knowing where you are starting from. Be honest with yourself and you WILL FEEL BETTER.

▶Your inner dialogue is not backing you up.

Externally you are saying one thing and internally your inner dialogue is saying something completely different. This cause cognitive discomfort and the misalignment means failure every time. When you align your ‘inner & outer story’ your chances of success become super high and you WILL GET TO YOUR GOALS.

▶Lack of support & motivation.

Lack of motivation, will power and the many distractions we are all faced with are seriously letting you down. Bouncing back quickly, inner resilience, having a purpose, clear plan, positive support, healthy supportive environment, re-connecting with all these things can re-ignite your inner motivation again when you feel flat & demotivated.

I hope this is helpful and gets you back on track quickly.

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