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After looking at this holiday pic Matthew decided he wanted to change. To get fitter, toned up & to feel more confident- You did it! 💪WOW what an outstanding transformation 😮 congratulations Matt- amazing.. very proud of your massive effort & consistency. 🏋️‍♂️This is how he did it:- ✔Matt does Body Pump & HIIT Class every week on Wednesdays 8.15pm- This group exercise class uses; clips, a range of weights, bar bell. It is a functional strength resistance training programme that progresses over 16 weeks as you get fitter & stronger. There is also a high intensity interval training section. This combination burns fat, improves your cardiovascular fitness levels, lowers your body fat levels, tones you up, creates shape & definition all in one. It's ideal if you want to see & feel regular results that will motivate you to the next level. ✔Matt also does Power Pump Circuit and HIIT on Fridays. A one hour class with 16 stations & 3 Tabata HIIT to get good all round fitness, core, toning, flexibility results. Matt also enjoys climbing so much more now he's leaner & stronger & loves to do photography in his spare time. This is absolutely brilliant & totally inspiring. It takes guts to walk into a Group Exercise Class as a 21 year old- Very proud of what you have accomplished Matt roll on the new year & new prorgamme. Love Tracyx ❤️ 📸If you have looked at photos & had a moment where you thought... I need to make some changes.❓ I can help you facilitate the changes you want to see & feel; doing regular motivating group exercise that gets you results, help to create positive habits & mindset, guidance on your food & nutrition. ▶️Click here for the Group Exercise Class Timetable starting Thursday 3rd January. https://www.tracydixonmindandbodyfit.com/class-timetable ️To book a class simply send me a private message. They are all pay as you go. 🏋️‍♂️❤💪


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