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Want to tone up, feel more body confident?

Get the best body toning results doing fitness classes with Tracy Dixon Kendal

After looking at this holiday pic Matthew decided he wanted to change. To get fitter, toned up & to feel more confident- You did it! 💪WOW what an outstanding transformation 😮 congratulations Matt- amazing.. very proud of your massive effort & consistency. 🏋️‍♂️This is how he did it:- ✔Matt does Body Pump & HIIT Class every week on Wednesdays 8.15pm- This group exercise class uses; clips, a range of weights, bar bell. It is a functional strength resistance training programme that progresses over 16 weeks as you get fitter & stronger. There is also a high intensity interval training section. This combination burns fat, improves your cardiovascular fitness levels, lowers your body fat levels, tones you up, creates shape & definition all in one. It's ideal if you want to see & feel regular results that will motivate you to the next level. ✔Matt also does Power Pump Circuit and HIIT on Fridays. A one hour class with 16 stations & 3 Tabata HIIT to get good all round fitness, core, toning, flexibility results. Matt also enjoys climbing so much more now he's leaner & stronger & loves to do photography in his spare time. This is absolutely brilliant & totally inspiring. It takes guts to walk into a Group Exercise Class as a 21 year old- Very proud of what you have accomplished Matt roll on the new year & new prorgamme. Love Tracyx ❤️ 📸If you have looked at photos & had a moment where you thought... I need to make some changes.❓ I can help you facilitate the changes you want to see & feel; doing regular motivating group exercise that gets you results, help to create positive habits & mindset, guidance on your food & nutrition. ▶️Click here for the Group Exercise Class Timetable starting Thursday 3rd January. ▶️To book a class simply send me a private message. They are all pay as you go. 🏋️‍♂️❤💪

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