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Getting your under 5's excited about exercise

Tracy’s 5 Easy Tips - what can you do? How much exercise do under 5's need?

I have been successfully teaching Group Exercise Classes in the community, privately and in schools now for nearly 3O years… I love it. To see the light and joy in someone face when they realise they can do it.

They have progressed, feel stronger, fitter, more flexible, it’s super motivating.

When it comes to getting you children active, it’s a little different. Variety and short bursts of light and more energetic activities are the way forwards…

I want to share some easy tips with you to ensure that your little ones grow up healthy, fit, strong and well physically and mentally.

How much is enough exercise?

Before babies can crawl they need to be encouraged to; reach, grasp, pull, push, move their bodies in all directions on their fronts and backs. These are all functional movements that encourage healthy physical and mental growth.

Toddlers that can walk need to be encouraged to be active every day for at least 3 hours minimum.

Here are my 5 Easy Tips to encourage toddlers up to 5 years to be as healthy and active as they can be in a day.

  • Easy solo activities they can do inside or outdoors;

Jumping up and down on a mini trampoline to a fantastic way to be active.

Trying to master using a skipping rope.

Dancing and free movement to music.

  • Getting active with friends:

Hide and seek is brilliant fun.

Playing with a ball, catching, kicking, throwing.

  • Family activities:

Going to the swimming pool.

Learning how to ride a bike or scooter.

Getting out and about and going for a walk that includes hills.

  • Clubs in the community:

Checking out gymnastics, football, dance and martial arts clubs for under 5’s can be a great way to keep active and meet new friends.

  • Doing Youtube videos:

There are some fantastic online resources that you can use for free.

Searching Youtube to introduce your children to Yoga for example is wonderful for motor skills, balance, strength, concentration and fun.

++Bonus tip++

Children LOVE to copy you. The more active they can see you being the more ‘normal’ it will be for them to copy and do it too.

I actively encourage Mums to bring their babies and pre-school children to classes and you can see as the weeks pass how the children watch, copy, try, do, have a go and they enjoy it so much.

That is the key- what is fun and best for one child might not be for another. Encouraging your little ones have a go at a range of activities on a daily basis will bring out the best in them.

I have two boys and they enjoy different things. It does not have to cost anything to have fun and be active with your kids, just pop on a 4 minute HIIT tabata and you can both benefit and feel energised and amazing afterwards.

I hope this has sparked your creativity and momentum to keep making it happen every day.

Tracy x

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Tracy playing super fun game with newspaper, mini trampolines, large bounce balls,

steps and skipping ropes

Fitness classes Kendal for adults and children

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