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My TOP 10 Clean Eating Snacks

Here are my TOP 10 ‘Clean Eating’ Snacks that won’t sabotage all your good work… when you are exercising and eating clean- get hungry, taken off guard and it can go down-hill pretty quickly when you find you have eaten a pack of biscuits instead of one!

3 well balanced nutritious meals a day is ideal…

But every now and then when you do fancy a snack it is good to know the BEST food combinations to fill you up, satisfy you and not leave you craving sugary snacks, toast, cereal, biscuits, bag of crisps, that can all very quickly leave you feeling rubbish and unsatisfied, not to mention piling on unwanted pounds and extra empty calories.


  1. Celery sticks with peanut butter

  2. 5 cherry tomatoes, 1 boiled egg and 10 diced squares of cheese

  3. 15 walnuts

  4. 25 mixed nuts-unsalted

  5. Carrot, Pepper, Cucumber sliced with hummus

  6. 15 cashew nuts

  7. Handful of blueberries with a dollop a greek yoghurt on

  8. 5 slices of watermelon

  9. Handful of sweet potatoe chips

  10. Handful of homemade Gorgeous Granola with almond milk on

Enjoy adding them to your shopping list and having them handy.

Have a fantastic day, getting organised, eating well and feeling a million dollars.


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