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Lose Body Fat, Inches and Tone up.

Transform your body shape

Lauren achieved this INCREDIBLE transformation & this is how she lost body fat, inches & toned up. The difference between who you are NOW & what you would like to feel/be/look like in the next 4 weeks is what you do for the NEXT 31 DAYS….Being organised, clean eating, regular exercise, staying motivated & focused on what you want. It sounds simple BUT if it was we would ALL be exactly the way we wanted to be. The thing is emotions, feelings, inner dialogue can sometimes cloud your mind & divert you off track.

The POWER of personal support, group motivation & regular reminders about what YOU WANT your outcomes to be & having the education, skills & personal resources at your finger-tips to achieve them.

To gain her outstanding results Lauren does:

  • My Club Core & More Programme AND IN1OSITY Group Exercise Classes each week

  • 2 hours of exercises that are BOTH designed for results

  • I have tracked Laurens Body fat % & inch loss

  • Every week in Core & More supported by personal emails with Clean Eating Food Plans, Recipes Mind-set Tips, Exercise Advice & Nutritional Education.

Congratulations Lauren- Keep doing what you are doing- It’s working.

Tracy x

Click here for all the Club Core & More details

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